breaking the silence

I'm not dead ,....yet. I thought I'd break the silence. I haven't posted a single topic for over a week but I'm gearing up again and getting ready for another week of hobby mayhem. Last week was really bussy at work and I came home knackered. On top of that I'm organising a "Tale of 4 gamers" at my local gaming club. Were still working some rules out but most of them are ironed out. of course we want to reinvent the wheel and come up with our own competition rules, unfortunately that also ate a lot of my time this week.

The last posts I did were all about my Looted Wagon WIP and I'm still working on that although not much progress has been made. I want my looted wagon to have a boomgun since I dodn't see the point of taking a LW that takes up a heavy support slot and play it as a transport. So with that in mind a have a look for some bits that could make a boomgun.

I have actually found some more cool parts but I'm still figuring out how to put them together. and that's it folks, that's all I did but I promise more activity next week.


Looted Wagon part 3

I'm still having a lot of fun with my Looted Chimera. I have started work on the tracks and although they're not finished yet I thought I might show you where things are going with this project.I took the original tracks off because I think they are to flimsey and clean for an Ork Tank. That did mean however that I would have to make my own.
As you can see in the picture I did some bodywork on the inside and I like how it looks so I will probably keep that going for the rest of the interior.I glued a piece of fly netting on the floor so After I paint that it will look pretty cool.
 But I also started on the tracks. It's quite a tedious job cutting all those tracks and then scarring them but I think I'm heading in the right direction. I want to make them more Orky by adding some sort of spikes to them but I'm not sure how to do that yet.I'll have to think about it for a bit. I will go and bend some corners of some tracks. They're scratched and scarred but I think they should look even more damaged.

The front of the Chimera saw some work too. I made a hull mounted machine gun from an old Sentinel exhaust and made my own vision slits for the driver. I want to make it so the driver pops his head out on top so the vision slit is just for show and to break up the clean front.

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Looted Wagon part 2

After taking my Imperial Guard Chimera apart it's now time to start building my looted wagon.

One of the things that I want to make is a Reinforced Ram. The IG Chimera comes with a nice straight dozer blade that I want to use. Of course this doesn't look Orky enough as it is so I got my hobby knife out and cut a "v"shape out of the middle and when I put the two bits back together the dozer blade is no longer straight but it's shaped in a point.(see pic) a bit like a snow plow or like the front bit on an old locomotive

I also added a lot of scratches and bullet holes to it and when that was done I added some sharpened "I"beams and some extra plates to it as if it was repaired a bit. I will add some razor wire to it when I have painted it. It's to hard to add that now and then paint it. It now looks "proppa"

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Looted Wagon part 1

One of the reasons to start an Ork force is that you can loot stuff and make it all Orky. There really are no rules and you are only bound by your own imagination. The more wacky it looks the more people will say it's a "proppa" Ork build.

It was certainly one of the things that made me want to do an Ork army!

So what does one need for a looted wagon build? -well, any vehicle you can get your hands on, 40k or any other brand then a lot of plastic card and green stuff and you're good to go.

So what do I have to "Loot"? I have a small collection of Imperial Guard models from when I started painting GW stuff some 3 years ago. My very first vehicle was a chimera and I really went to town on it painting a lot of rust and battle damage. When I look at the Chimera now I can only think of two things, 1> my painting has improved a bit, and 2> that would make a great Looted wagon.

So some quick pictures before I get my hobby knife and hack saw out:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

And then "Start lootin them Bitz boss!!!"

Consider this looted!
 I guess there's no way back now....



Fantasy Friday: Chaos Sorcerer

oh joy oh joy, it's friday again. Time for another episode of Fantasy Friday. March has been a month in which I showed off all the Ogre Kingdom Maneaters I painted on commission so let's show something different this month.

April, the month of CHAOS!!

Today I show you the Chaos sorcerer and familiar I painted about a year ago.  I like the deep reds and think they work well with the gold. The model itself is pretty good, it has a lot of deatail and interesting angles. I painted the lower body of the familiar as a snake popping out of the undergrowth and the top half the same as the sorcerer.


Wednesday W.I.P.14

It's one big Orkfest here at the Warpaint Studio. I'm slowly building my Waaagh up to an apocalyptic horde that should be finished by the end of the year. To keep the pressure on and motivation high I have sugested a "Tale of Four Gamers" competition at my local gaming club. This idea was received with loud cheers but so far only two other painters have entered the competition so we need (at least)one more. We have not yet set up the competition rules and I'm looking for a good format to use (any help is welcome). We agreed to aim at a 1500points army by December wich leaves us with a monthly goal of 150points. We are currently debating the rules and trying to get more people involved so more about that later.

So what have I been doing in the past week. I finished my Ork Wasboss from the assault on Black Reach set which I think is a pretty good achievement. I painted him up pretty quick and he turned out just the way I wanted. He'll be a fierce leader of my WAAAGH!

After I finished him I looked at my workspace. It had became cluttered again and plasic frames were everywere. I went to the shop and got me a load of big plastic crates and small tackle boxes. I franticly cut everything from the sprues and ordered them neatly in the tackle boxes organised by army and parts. The crates were filled with pieces that I will use for making terrain.

And then of course I started on some more Orks. I still had some Assault on Black Reach Nobz lying about so I undercoated them and start working on them this week. As you can see I have converted all but one of the Nobz slightly giving them Powerklaws,big choppa and extra bitz of armour. They look just a bit more interesting this way because I think they looked a bit dull before.They will fit in much better with my other Nobz now.



Ork Warboss Skrapsmacka

AoBR Ork Warboss
I just finished the AoBR Warboss. If you follow my blog you might know that I was working on the Assault on Black Reach Warboss and you would have seen wip pictures of him. If not and you want to have a look at the earlier stages then have a look here and here.

I think the conversion of the chainsaw in the Powerklaw worked really well. I also added a chainsaw blade to the gun to make it more menacing.

I think he will look like a Proppa Boss in my Ork army, what do you think? let me know in the comments below.



March Round-up

Blog-Round-Up: March has been an incredible month. My blog is only three months old but it's growing steadily. Let me run some numbers by you.
Visitors all time: 5.669
Visitors March:  2.410
Followers:                53
Topics March:        17
You can see that March alone was good for almost half of my visitors all time. Pageviews of January and February were about 1.600 hits so now nearly a 1000 more hits this month....Result!

The number of followers went up as well, I ended February with 40 Followers but now I have a whopping 53 followers. Thank you guys! I'll try to get some good posts up again this month and hope you'll all enjoy.

A special thank you goes to The House of Paincakes. On the 7th of March they picked up a topic of my citadel wood frenzy and linked it on their main page resulting in 349 hits one one day. They picked up more of my content on the 30th of March, this time it was my tutorial on weighing down and magnetizing bases.

I think the reason people start following and keep visiting my blog is because I offer a variety of topics every month. In March my Fantasy Friday was filled with Ogre kingdom maneaters. The Wednesday W.I.P. topics showed my progress on my Kill Team and AoBr Warboss. I also had some content on organising my workspace and had a look at the future and the dark clouds hanging over Games Workshop. And last but not least I finished three terrain pieces and posted a topic on them. See here fore The Chapel, The Watchtower and here for the Woods.

On the Hobby front I can be quite satisfied. I finished three terrain pieces that I had undercoated for months so I could take them of my list. I also managed to get my Waaagh on the way by finishing my Kill Team and starting work on the warboss.
There is also some bad news this month, I didn't paint anything on commision and I played no games what so ever. So I score a big fat ZERO on the gaming front. April isn't looking to bright on the gaming front either. I have some weekends away planned with the family so it will be hard to get any games.

This April I hope to keep up the high number of topics and keep the progress going on my projects. On the blog side I can only hope to get another good month like this and maybe I can get to 60 followers.