Looted Wagon part 2

After taking my Imperial Guard Chimera apart it's now time to start building my looted wagon.

One of the things that I want to make is a Reinforced Ram. The IG Chimera comes with a nice straight dozer blade that I want to use. Of course this doesn't look Orky enough as it is so I got my hobby knife out and cut a "v"shape out of the middle and when I put the two bits back together the dozer blade is no longer straight but it's shaped in a point.(see pic) a bit like a snow plow or like the front bit on an old locomotive

I also added a lot of scratches and bullet holes to it and when that was done I added some sharpened "I"beams and some extra plates to it as if it was repaired a bit. I will add some razor wire to it when I have painted it. It's to hard to add that now and then paint it. It now looks "proppa"

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