March Round-up

Blog-Round-Up: March has been an incredible month. My blog is only three months old but it's growing steadily. Let me run some numbers by you.
Visitors all time: 5.669
Visitors March:  2.410
Followers:                53
Topics March:        17
You can see that March alone was good for almost half of my visitors all time. Pageviews of January and February were about 1.600 hits so now nearly a 1000 more hits this month....Result!

The number of followers went up as well, I ended February with 40 Followers but now I have a whopping 53 followers. Thank you guys! I'll try to get some good posts up again this month and hope you'll all enjoy.

A special thank you goes to The House of Paincakes. On the 7th of March they picked up a topic of my citadel wood frenzy and linked it on their main page resulting in 349 hits one one day. They picked up more of my content on the 30th of March, this time it was my tutorial on weighing down and magnetizing bases.

I think the reason people start following and keep visiting my blog is because I offer a variety of topics every month. In March my Fantasy Friday was filled with Ogre kingdom maneaters. The Wednesday W.I.P. topics showed my progress on my Kill Team and AoBr Warboss. I also had some content on organising my workspace and had a look at the future and the dark clouds hanging over Games Workshop. And last but not least I finished three terrain pieces and posted a topic on them. See here fore The Chapel, The Watchtower and here for the Woods.

On the Hobby front I can be quite satisfied. I finished three terrain pieces that I had undercoated for months so I could take them of my list. I also managed to get my Waaagh on the way by finishing my Kill Team and starting work on the warboss.
There is also some bad news this month, I didn't paint anything on commision and I played no games what so ever. So I score a big fat ZERO on the gaming front. April isn't looking to bright on the gaming front either. I have some weekends away planned with the family so it will be hard to get any games.

This April I hope to keep up the high number of topics and keep the progress going on my projects. On the blog side I can only hope to get another good month like this and maybe I can get to 60 followers.


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Porky said...

Congratulations! Those are whacking great numbers and the blog deserves every last click. It's a great mix and brilliant work.