Wednesday W.I.P.14

It's one big Orkfest here at the Warpaint Studio. I'm slowly building my Waaagh up to an apocalyptic horde that should be finished by the end of the year. To keep the pressure on and motivation high I have sugested a "Tale of Four Gamers" competition at my local gaming club. This idea was received with loud cheers but so far only two other painters have entered the competition so we need (at least)one more. We have not yet set up the competition rules and I'm looking for a good format to use (any help is welcome). We agreed to aim at a 1500points army by December wich leaves us with a monthly goal of 150points. We are currently debating the rules and trying to get more people involved so more about that later.

So what have I been doing in the past week. I finished my Ork Wasboss from the assault on Black Reach set which I think is a pretty good achievement. I painted him up pretty quick and he turned out just the way I wanted. He'll be a fierce leader of my WAAAGH!

After I finished him I looked at my workspace. It had became cluttered again and plasic frames were everywere. I went to the shop and got me a load of big plastic crates and small tackle boxes. I franticly cut everything from the sprues and ordered them neatly in the tackle boxes organised by army and parts. The crates were filled with pieces that I will use for making terrain.

And then of course I started on some more Orks. I still had some Assault on Black Reach Nobz lying about so I undercoated them and start working on them this week. As you can see I have converted all but one of the Nobz slightly giving them Powerklaws,big choppa and extra bitz of armour. They look just a bit more interesting this way because I think they looked a bit dull before.They will fit in much better with my other Nobz now.


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