breaking the silence

I'm not dead ,....yet. I thought I'd break the silence. I haven't posted a single topic for over a week but I'm gearing up again and getting ready for another week of hobby mayhem. Last week was really bussy at work and I came home knackered. On top of that I'm organising a "Tale of 4 gamers" at my local gaming club. Were still working some rules out but most of them are ironed out. of course we want to reinvent the wheel and come up with our own competition rules, unfortunately that also ate a lot of my time this week.

The last posts I did were all about my Looted Wagon WIP and I'm still working on that although not much progress has been made. I want my looted wagon to have a boomgun since I dodn't see the point of taking a LW that takes up a heavy support slot and play it as a transport. So with that in mind a have a look for some bits that could make a boomgun.

I have actually found some more cool parts but I'm still figuring out how to put them together. and that's it folks, that's all I did but I promise more activity next week.

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