April Round-Up

It's the third of May today and I'm finally finding my way back to this blog. I have almost been going mad under the sheer ton of work I had to do the last 2 weeks. Therefor I have had little time to touch any brushes of found the time or inspiration to update this blog.

You could say I took a two weeks vacation but now I'm back. I still have some work to do but that should not be as time consuming as it was before.

So what have I been doing over the past 2 weeks that is slightly hobby related?? well, as I said before I'm setting up a "Tale of four gamers"that should run for a year. I'm starting a new army or should I say WAAAGH! so this is a great opportunity for me to see this through and keep my motivation up. I was just going to start painting whatever took my fancy and so slowly build up the numbers but now I've had to rethink that strategy because I have to play Battles with my Orks every two months.This means I have to have some sort of bigger plan and strategy behind my purchases. I have to make sure my small army list (starts with 200 kill points) expands so that my list will be both legal and usefull when I slowly get to an army of Apocalyptic scale....

I will tell you more about the rules and my 3 "opponents" in a later post. I am really excited about this project and the guys I'm running it with all have their own speciality in the hobby.(as a teaser I will give you one word...ehmm.. no two words "Golden Deamon")

Over easter Maelstrom ran a special promotional offer which I abused greatly. I ordered a ton of Orks so I'm excited to see them arive. I had to make sure I have a steady supply of plastics to convert into greenskins. I can't risk running out of models half way through my "Tale" and then have to rely on companies and the mailman to see if I can reach my monthly targets. It's been fun thinking about my new army because I have to plan short and long term.

Mayday Mayday !!!
On the Blog side of April it was really dissapointing. My job had me working a lot or going to bed early so the last two weeks I managed to post 1 single article just to make sure you knew I wasn't dead.Still I managed to get some decent figures considering I only posted the first half of the month. I still had 30 visitors a day on average even though nothing new was posted. Also I managed to get 60 followers which was my monthly goal.

So what's up in May? I will post more frequently and get back on track. a post every 3 days should be possible. I'm also going to show off more Fantasy figures on the ""Fantasy Friday" and I am working on a couple of tutorials which I think are great and very helpful. So let's see if I can get 70 followers by the end of this month..


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