'Ard Boy Paint Concept

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 I've had an extremely bussy week so I didn't get round to do much painting. I did however manage to get some warpaint on my 'Ard Boy. (that sounds odd and a bit dirty...)
So anyway, you might have seen my earlier post on the 'Ard Boy conversions but if you have not you can have a look here. I want the "Ard Boyz to look "proppa 'Ard" so I stuck some extra armour plates on him and gave him an old german WW2 helmet of which I have plenty so I can do about 20 Boyz like this. I didn't do much else to him because in the codex it says an 'Ard Boy is like a normal Ork Boy only with a lot of extra armour plates which confer a 6+ armour save to a 4+.
So on with the painting. If you haven't seen any of my other Orks you should just trawl my blog for a bit and you'll find some. I like the "Bad Moons"so my paint scheme is based on that clan. I use sunburst yellow and a lot of rust for the general look of my army so the 'Ard Boys fit within this scheme perfectly.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't seem to pick up the different shades of skintone but I use Gretchin green as a basecolor and after a wash with devlan mud I work that up with bleached bone/gretchin green and a faint highlight with rotten flesh to top things off.
I Didn't go all out on the clothing, Just a simple highlight and a wash. On models that will have to stand out in an army I would put more effort in but as it stand I have about 100 infantry Orks left to do and this one already took a couple of hours. To speed things up when I start batch painting these I did cut some corners but I still think it looks nice enough. Like with all my bases these guys will also stand on a pile of rubble and rust. Making these bases alone costs me a lot of time and making a unit of 10 will cost an extra hour or so.
I can't wait to see 20-some of these guys running across the battlefield..


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