A tale of 4 gamers

At the moment I'm finishing my models for my "Tale of 4 Gamers" mission. Me and three others ('duh) of my gaming club picked up the gauntlet. Basicly what it means is that the four of us want to start a new army and this is a good way to keep motivated.

As you can see on the picture on the left there are three players who will start a new army that is just released. Two guys are going to start a Dark Eldar cult and one will have a run with the Grey Knights which leaves me starting a new army with the oldest codex and models...

For those of you that have never heard of "A tale of 4 gamers" before I shall explain the concept a bit. It basicly boils down to this; you paint a certain amount of models per month, play at least one battle per month and can score extra points for added objectives. A great way to build up an army and keep motivated along the way.

We have agreed to a monthly paint score of either 10 infantry models or 3 40mm or small flyer bases, or 1 vehicle. We should also play a battle and we can score extra points for the win and a battle report. Then there are points to be scored for objective markers (max 5) and fluff. (1 page).

You might think that the number of models is quite low but for four adults all with a job and family I can asure you that it can be hard to meet this deadline every month.

Then let's have a look at the competitors:
-Let's start by saying that I'm the absolute NOOB here. (Orks)

-Mr.M (Grey Knights)is a long(long long) time player of 40k and warhammer fantasy. It's always good to have him around when your playing a game because this guy is a walking rulebook and knows the stats by head.

-Mr. R (Dark Eldar) is a fanatic gamer and just recently opened up his Games Workshop Store as a shopmanager. I think he has started every army but I can think of very few that he has finished.This should be a good way to keep him going.

-And last but not least there's Mr. B (Dark Eldar) who has also been in this hobby for many years and has already collected no less then 3 Golden Deamon trophies. He is looking to add 1 more to his prize cabinet and the Dark Eldar have some stunning models that might give him the edge.

Our first deadline is the 31st of May so by then I'll post again to show you what we all did in our first month.(that is if I get their permission to post it)

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