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Well, it had to happen eventually... I was nominated for a "Stylish Blogger award" yesterday by a Smurf! I must be one of the very last people to get nominated because I have seen my blog list get flooded with people winning these awards or get nominated or whatever... I don't really know where this came from but I like the idea of people listing a few of their favourite blogs for others to explore. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and go along for the ride.
Have a look at my list of blogs and you might find some true gems.

So now I'm nominated and what do I need to do....?

-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award
ok, that's clear then. Thank you smurf! I like reading your blog and like it even better now.

Now for the second task I must tell you all a bit about myself so here goes:

1 -My very first encounter with tabletop miniatures was as a 13 year old kid playing Hero Quest. I loved that game so much that I recently was as happy as can be when I found the game in mint condition at a flee market with all the expansion sets for only 10 euros...I even wrote a good article about the game and background as an Old stuff day project.

2 - I started this hobby about three years ago when my dad in law bought me a small model tank to build. I still do not know why he did but I appreciated it and painted it up. I enjoyed it and it brought back memories from being a kid and building model planes. I then stumbled on the table top wargaming hobby by accident when I was looking for weathering tutorials.I was sold by the models straight away.

3 - My first ever games workshop product I bought was a box of 4 Ork Boyz. They sell them cheap so it was a perfect product for me to try it out. I still have them somewhere but they have the most terrible paint job. You gotta start somewhere.

4 -I started this Blog at work over the last Xmas holidays. I had been lurking for some time and had nothing better to do then make my own Blog. You can see that the very first post I did was on 30-12-2010.

5 -Further note on that first ever post on my blog. It is still my best visited page and I even get a lot of daily hits on it from people looking how to paint battle damage.

6 -No one in my local gaming club knows I have a blog.... It's not that it's a secret but I want to build up some decent content first.

7 -I recently set up a "Tale of four Gamers" at my local gaming club and one of the other contestants has no less then three golden demon trophies...

And then finally the true treasure of this topic....My Style award nominees.
First off let me say that I try to read all updates on the blogs that are in my blogroll on the right hand side of my blog. There are some truly amazing blogs out there like N++ tradecraft, From the Warp, Porky's expanse, A gentlemen's ones, Santa cruz Warhammer, Dave Taylor miniaturs, miniature wargame conversions & The hogs of war.................... But they all have been nominated for this "award"at least once already. (you should still check them out if you have been living under a rock and do not know them already.)So I want to highlight some lesser known blogs that I really enjoy reading. Each has their own unique style and amazing content that is worth reading. So in no particular order of any kind here goes:

- Studio McVey  This is the Blog for Studio McVey - Mike and Ali McVey. They'll be using this blog to give updates about their miniature ranges, and show what they have been up to in the painting and sculpting studio. An obvious choice for this list but I thought I should put this in anyway.

- Recalcitrant Daze This man has plastic card and he isn't afraid to use it. he's actually very good in converting vehicles and casting resin. I love the Gun turrets he recently did and his overall conversion work is simply amazing. 

- Mart's Warhammer 40K Blog A blog with stunning models. I stumbled on his blog when I was searching for some Ork stuff. His Orks are really nicely painted and a true inspiration. His Orks are currently up for sale so check it out and strike a deal.

- Imperius Dominatus A bit of a mixed bag but a mixed bag of hobby goodness for sure. Tactics ,battle reports and other hobby related articles all worth wile to read.

- Constantly Risking Obscurity another fun mix of content that I look forward to reading as soon as one of his latest articles pops up at the top of my Blogroll.

- Fester's 40K Blog I really like this blog, fester likes to think outside the box and his Killa Kans for one are a good example of that.

- The Brush Brothers These brothers are amazing painters. Their blog is currently the place to be for grey Knight lovers but their blog contains a lot more then just that. They always have the best looking miniatures on show.

- Volomir's Blog This painter pumps out one batch of outstanding miniatures after another. he is currently working on a Krieg Force but you should go check out all his masterpieces.

- Dark Future Gaming A Community of painters, converters and players from the 41st Millennium. A little less known then other collective communities but certainly worth keeping an eye on. The versatility in subjects is great and they always bring something to the table I seem to like a lot.

- Tentakel Games A Swedish painter I believe with a strange love for tentacles but his style and quality keeps me coming back to his blog over and over. 

- Digital Waaagh THE blog for the greenskin lovers amongst us. crazy and good content.

- In Chigh's little world This is a very nice blog, a lot of Flames of War stuff but this painter manages to paint an incredible amaount of detail on those 15mm mini's. Check out the detail and each base is a small diorama on it's own. For now only 15 followers but this blog deserves a good couple more.

I read a lot of Blogs and the ones I keep checking for new content are all on the right hand side of this post. I made a selection of blogs that deserve some more attention and followers.

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