'Ard Boy test model

No Ork Army is complete without an 'Ard Boy regiment so I saved up some bitz from my 7 boxes of Boyz and put together a test model. An 'Ard Boy is a normal Ork Boy but then with added armour plates that confer a 4+ armour save. I took an old german WW2 scale model helmet and cut the head so it would fit and then glued a spike from the Chaos warriors sprue on top of it. I Also added some plastic card armour plates to the shoulders and leg. 
I like the way it looks now and I think it will stand out from the normal Ork Boyz as I'm hardly giving them any armour anyway. I do plan on added a front armour chast plate on other 'Ard Boyz but this model already has one anyway.

I'm currently putting about a 100 infantry models together for the new army so I can't wait for them all to be ready and undercoated so I can concentrate on painting them all up.

ps. yeah, I still have to remove a lot of moldlines on this model...grrr. I'm having moldline nightmares...

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