Fantasy Friday: Maneater Pirate

Ok, It's the end of the week again. I'm getting ready for the weekend and I have loads of painting time to look forward to. The stars have aligned in the exact right order for me to get 8 hours of unbothered painting tomorrow. Yeah baby!

This means that today is FANTASY FRIDAY! today I'm going to show you a commission i did about half a year ago. It's an Ogre kingdoms Maneater, the pirate that is. There are about 5 different maneaters available in the Ogre kingdom army and my client gave me 4 of those to paint.

So here's the first one in line. I went with nice and vibrant colors that contrast with the ogre's skin tone. It's full of detail and I think the Gnoblar on his shoulder dressed up as a parrot is a classic! I customized the base by using coffee stirring sticks to stay within the pirate theme.the picture is not the best quality but the model is nice enough for me as it is. Result, one very happy client.

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