AoBR Warboss and Nobz

I'm scouring the interwebs to build my Ork army El Cheapo and I found someone selling the AoBR Nobz and Warboss for about $15,-. A steal and a great addition to my small Ork force.
I got them in the mail on Friday so after work I opened up the package. They were all cut from the sprue but all complete, The Assault on Black Reach set is made so you can basicly model the mini's in one single way. They don't come with a lot of extra bits and weapons but I still have some left over from my other Ork Nobz so I wanted to see if I could use them.

So here's what they look like straight from the box:

But after only two hours this is what they look like now:

AoBR Warboss and Nobz converted

I must say that most small conversions were straight forward swaps but I did have to cut some limbs in order to make it all fit. The only two things I changed on the warboss is his powerklaw and he now has a chainsaw attached to his gun. The nobz required some more work by giving two of them Powerklaws and other weapons but I also buffed them up a bit with extra armour plates and shoulderpads. Right now I still need to remove the moldlines(I hate that) and assemble them because now they are just bluetacked together, then theyll be ready for the undercoat and they'll look much better after that. 

The AoBR Nobz looked smaller and with less detail then the Nobz I already have but like this they blend in very well I think. Oh' and ofcourse most time went in creating the bases again. More info on that in my topic on Trashy Ork Bases.


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