Wednesday W.I.P.11

It's been quite a good week on the hobby front. I managed to get my Watchtower and Chapel done and nothing is more satisfying then finishing a project. Certainly when that project had been sitting on a shelf looking at me for the past few months. I think every miniature painter out there has the same problem, Too many project and not enough time to finish them all. The result of having so many projects for me usually means that I assemble the model and put the undercoat on with black or light grey primer and leave it like that for 2 or 3 months. Then i come back to that project, paint it a bit and then put it away again..

This year my new year's resolution was not to buy anything anymore before I had finished a good deal of my models that weren't finished yet. I already broke that promise but so far I've done pretty good and actually finished a good couple of projects.

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This coming Sunday I'll play some Kill Team games at my gaming club and I thought it would be fun to play a game or two with my new Orks. The only problem is that 4 out of my 5 Nobz are not yet painted so these coming days all my time goes in to finishing them. I already have most of the basepainting done as you can see in the picture but still some way to go. The fifth Nob is finished, I painted him so I could have a little try out with the color scheme. If you want to see how he turned out have a look at on older post of mine HERE.

The Kill Team I want to field looks like this:

10 Gretchin with Grotblasta's
1   Runtherd with Grabbastick and Slugga
1   Nob with Powerklaw and Slugga
1   Nob with Big Choppa
1   Nob with Scarcha/Shoota combi
1   Nob with Choppa and Slugga
1   Nob with Choppa and Slugga
Total: 200points

I have never played Kill Team before so I have no idea how this list will work but it's about having fun more then winning. I'll try to take some pictures of the games and pour it into a topic here on my blog.


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