Da Gretchin Crew

As promised here are my newly finished gretchin with Runtherd. I had so much fun painting these little fella's. Each and every one has so much character and I tried to make them all look different and still fit within the unit. The yellow binds them but most of all their bases make it work. (which were a lot of work)

The bases took me a few hours to put together but in the end I really think it paid off. If you want to see a before and after shot then have a look here.The bases are really a nice little canvas for the Gretchin to stand on and really brings them out. Not two bases are the same but still have a proper uniform look about them for the army.

As I said the little gretchin are really fun to look at. They each bring a sense of character and I wanted to emphasise on that. I painted them all individualy so one has a tartan blue cloth, and one has a red tartan cloth. I have made one with an orky smiley t-shirt and put extra strong red lenses on the gretchin with the goggles. They look like a crazy gang when you see them together.
Have a look and let me know what you think. In the pictures the skincolor is a little bit of. they have a bit more depth. I am still considering if I should highlight them more or just leave them like this.

If you look carefully you'll notice something funny about their bases that I haven't mentioned yet before so that's a nice little teaser to leave you with untill the next post. (here's a little clue)



Porky said...

Great-looking mob! I love the detailing and the mix of colours, and the purple of the tongues and the squig works very well. The squig really looks the part, and avoids being garish.

The bases are excellent. They add a lot to the models and strongly suggest the world around, but you've got them subdued enough not to distract from the model.

I'm guessing you've got magnets on the bases, which is a great idea for transport with a lot of internal surface area. If so, you've disguised them well!

Muskie said...

They look good, are you going to run a mob of 10? I think you need at least 30 of the little buggers to make a potentially useful unit, even then I don't see them killing much in actual games...

Warpaintguy said...

Thanks Porky!

@muskie, No, I just picked up 10 gretchin to get the feel of ork and gretchin skin. I'm starting up a new army and painted them for a bit of fun. I thought that 30 might do the trick in holding an objective close to my table edge. I'm not sure if I'll add more for gameplay or just leave them as they are and keep them on display.

Da Warboss said...

Is that some purple ink on the grabbin stick? How'd you get the rough metal look without resorting to rust effects?

Warpaintguy said...

@ Da Warboss - First a layer of dark flesh, then stipple on 50/50 dark flesh/blazing orange and then stipple on some pure blazing orange. Finish it off with a light drybrush of boltgun metal. Might give it a watered down wash of devlan mud if it's too bright.

Hope this helps.