Da Gretchin Crew

As promised here are my newly finished gretchin with Runtherd. I had so much fun painting these little fella's. Each and every one has so much character and I tried to make them all look different and still fit within the unit. The yellow binds them but most of all their bases make it work. (which were a lot of work)

The bases took me a few hours to put together but in the end I really think it paid off. If you want to see a before and after shot then have a look here.The bases are really a nice little canvas for the Gretchin to stand on and really brings them out. Not two bases are the same but still have a proper uniform look about them for the army.

As I said the little gretchin are really fun to look at. They each bring a sense of character and I wanted to emphasise on that. I painted them all individualy so one has a tartan blue cloth, and one has a red tartan cloth. I have made one with an orky smiley t-shirt and put extra strong red lenses on the gretchin with the goggles. They look like a crazy gang when you see them together.
Have a look and let me know what you think. In the pictures the skincolor is a little bit of. they have a bit more depth. I am still considering if I should highlight them more or just leave them like this.

If you look carefully you'll notice something funny about their bases that I haven't mentioned yet before so that's a nice little teaser to leave you with untill the next post. (here's a little clue)

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