Incoming!!! ORKS

The start of the army.
 After a year of painting space marines and Chaos Warriors it was time for a new challenge, a new army. I have always loved the look of the Orks and I think their background is something that I can work with.Now that my space marine army is at 2000 points and 90% painted want to paint something completely different and it couldn't be more different then the Orks . I thought that the Ork codex would be a good start so I went online and ordered it,... but I couldn't help myself and got some Nobz and Gretchin as well.

I have had a peek inside the boxes and really liked what I saw. The models are full of little detail and different options to put the models together.

I really had to contain myself and not put the models together and basecoat them. It's probably wise to have a good read through the codex first and see what weapon options are game-legal. Thusfar I have only had a very brief glimps of the codex.I got the nobz and gretchin because I can really practise painting orks on them. I will need to have a look at what next units to get.

And now the most important thing is having to think about a theme and paintscheme for my Orks. I don't like painting by numbers so probably no excisting clan like the evil suns, bad moons and so on. I do really want to paint with yellow, red and black and I do like the checkered pattern so that will probably all be included. I like the thought of a highly mobile army like the speed freaks so I have to think about that as well.

All and all a lot of thoughts to be considered so if you have any ideas then please let me know.

Ideas/suggestions are welcome for:

Ork Clan name:
Ork Paintscheme:
Ork Background:

share your thoughts. I'm also looking for a good Ork skin tutorial. I don't like the bright green so a toned down green/brown  is what I'll be looking for. If you know where to find such a tutorial please let me know.

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