Mini Showcase: Dreadnought

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One of my first  40k "vehicles" to paint was the Space Marine Dreadnought. I like these little robotic fellas. I love painting them because they heave loads of little different areas and plenty of detail. I also love fielding them in battle, they are a jack of all trade unit and very versatile with all the different weapon lay-out possibilities. In these pictures you see my "close combat dread" as I like to call him. Eventhough  I can swap all the waeapons and change them I like to keep this dread the way it is. It has the assault cannon, flamer and close combat arm so it can really rip enemy units apart from a short distance. Therefor I like to stick them into a droppod and drop it close to or even behind the enemy lines. My opponent usually looks in horror when I land the pod and this beast walks out just a few inches away from his units.

I have another dreadnought which I use for distanced attacks with missile pod and twinlinked lascannon.



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