Mini Showcase: Predator Tank

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Were getting to the bigger vehicles now with my Space Marine chapter. Today some pictures of my Predator Tank. I have put it together like this but I can swap the main weapon for the twin linked lascannon. It's just that this option is my personal favourite.

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I don't have an airbrush and so this one is all hand painted. Painting armour is a lot easier and looks better if you spray it but I think this one turned out fine. I don't like the clean look anyway and so my vehicles may look a bit bumped and scratched. I also added a bit of mud to the tracks and body.

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When you look at this model on the table you're eyes are automaticly drawn to all those red lenses and the gunner on top. I still have a little trouble with freehand and letters painting so the name banner could be done better.

Let me know what you think...



Mr.Esty said...

I love this blog! Your army looks FANTASTIC!

Brother Vizlani said...

I dig this army's scheme.

It seems very realistic.