Mini Showcase Landspeeder

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Well, that's a lot of fire power for such a small fragile vessel! Yes, let me start by admitting that the way this model is put together isn't legal going by the codex. It has an assault cannon,heavy bolter and cyclone missile pods but it can only have either the assault cannon OR the cyclone missile pods.
I made it like this so I can choose either weapon when I put my armylist together. Basicly I was too lazy to magnetize the weapons. So far I haven't had an opponent who made big deal of it.

Most of the time I use the missile pods option instead of the assault cannon and I prefer the heavy bolter instead of the heavy flamer so it doesn't have flamer. If I see what dammage this fast skimmer can do in a game I can only imagine what devasting effect it must have when you field a unit of three landspeeders. I love the fact that you can choose between Krak and Frag missiles so it makes the landspeeder very versatile.

 The only question I have is if I get  (a) re-roll to hit, (b)get 2 rolls to hit or (c)only get 1 roll to hit when I use the cyclone.It has two missile pods so I'm not sure if i should count it as twin linked, two weapons (like two sponsoons) or just as one weapon firing simultaineously. It's not completely clear to me when I read the codex and I have had several opponents all telling me different things so if there's someone who can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
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