Mini Showcase: Devastator Sergeant

I wanted my devastator squad to look like grim war veterans who have fought many wars. The sergeant should really stand out from the rest of the squad and must look as “badass” as possible. There’s not much converted at this mini other then a straight forward headswap. I took the head from a Catachan sentinel pilot and cut and filed the head of the devastator so it would look like an empty helmet and hung that on his belt. It now looks as if he took of his helmet and is overseeing the battlefield smoking a cigar.

Click to enlarge

He’s part of my devastator squad of which the converted heavy bolter marine is posted already, here’s the link.

You can see that the sergeant has a few scratches on his armour. I use the chipped paint technique for it for which I have written a step by step guide with pictures. Here’s the link 

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