January Round-up

That’s it, the first full month of blogging is over and it’s been a blast and a real eye opener. After reading a few interesting blogs myself  I thought it would be fun to start my own blog. The idea was to upload my recent projects and keep track of my ongoing hobby progress.

First I posted some content of which I think it was interesting for anyone to read. A real mix of different subjects. Then I joined the FTW blog group and my Battle damage tutorial was an instant hit and thanks to Ron Sawakowski who posted a link of my tutorial at the top of the FTW blog my own blog got a lot of traffic and before I knew it I had some followers of my own. It was a great feeling that people found my blog worth following and a special mention goes to B.Smoove of A Gentlemans’s Ones who was the very first follower.

I continued posting content, mostly of my Space marines but I also visited many blogs and started a bloglist to keep track of interesting blogs. I have collected a huge mountain of unpainted plastic and my new year’s resolution was to paint up everything this year before I would allow myself to buy something new. Unfortunately I found some inspiring blogs with Orky goodness. Digital waaaghA Gentleman’s Ones , Musings of a smurf and Porky’s expanse to name but a few and these blogs gave me the green itch and so I ordered a 40k Ork codex, some nobz and a gretchin unit which I finished recently because I couldn’t resist painting them up. The new year not even a month old and already I had succumbed to the “new model itch-syndrome”….nice.I uploaded my progress of the Gretchin unit. First the bases and later the completed models.

I also took some advise of N++ from wargaming tradecraft he posted a topic on organising your blog to make it easier for the reading public to navigate their way around on my blog and so I took down some pages and will I get them sorted out soon to make them more user friendly. Therefor some of my pages are currently under construction and unavailable. I know I’m only a month in but you can never start improving your site too early.

And then now some numbers…My blog has had 1.575 pageviews already. An amazing amount and largely due to my FtW membership. I’m planning on joining more blog groups but only want to join those that I value for their content and members instead of generating more traffic to my blog.

The top 3 subjects on my blog for this month were:

Right now I have 27 followers but I hope to add some more next month when I’ll upload some more content which I think should be interesting. Special mention goes to Papa JJ, Porky and B.smoove for keeping commenting on my blog. Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more warpaint goodness.


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