Trashy Ork bases

This weekend I made a start with the Ork army. I didn't have much time because I spend all sunday at my gaming club playing a fantasy campaign with my Warriors of Chaos army.But back to the greenskins. I want to make a real nice army and want to take my time painting it.

I started work on my Gretchin unit because that's a nice unit to get the "feel" of the greenskins. I knew I wanted yellow as the main color but I was still looking for a suitable background and theme for the army. As in most cases inspiration came by accident as I knocked over one of my bitzboxes. What a mess! all those bits and pieces al over my floor. But wait, I've got spare tracks,pipes, tankbits and a ton of crap I'm still keeping but probably never use again. And there it was, the idea for a theme for my army.... A scrapyard!
The general idea is that my army feast on the remains of knocked out tanks and vehicles. They are always looking for more parts to improve their own beastly machines or even themselfs with bionicle parts. In bettle they will always fearlessly attack the biggest vehicles first "Coz them haz tha most parts". They collect all parts in giant scrapyards and even move these if they move to another planet. Therefor as a working title my army is now called "Da Scrapyard Dawgs" but I'm open for suggestions on more suitable names. (still haven't read the codex)

But back to the Gretchin unit, so far I have painted the gretchin for aboout 50% but finished their bases which in this case cost me multiple hours. I had a good dig through the bitzbox and found a lot of bits I could use it was just a pain to get them to fit on those small bases. In the end I'm very pleased how they turned out, You can have a look at the pictures below to see them before and after painting. (they look a bit shiny and not as rusty in the picture .)


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