Space Marine Chaplain

The Chaplain

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Because I haven't had time to take pictures of my new Gretchin except for the bases I thought I'd share my Chaplain with you. I painted this model about half a year ago and it goes with my space marine chapter.

So far I have only fielded it on the battlefield a couple of times but it's never paid for it's cost in any game. Maybe someone can to tell me what tactic works exceptionaly well with these fellas.

I must say it was fun to paint and only took me a 3 hours to get him done. (thanks to all the black)


Chaplain in action

I hope to finish the Gretchin unit before the end of the week so i can upload them here but it will be tight as I'm real bussy with work and real life.Untill then you'll have to do with pictures of their bases ;o)


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Porky said...

A very good job, as we'd expect with your talent..! That second picture has a lot of texture. It's very ornate, like an army of treasure on the advance.