New Army!!!

Recently I decided it was time for a new 40K army. With my current 40K army painted for about 90% I want to set my sights on a new project. If you are a follower of this blog you will probably know I'm going to start a WAAAAGH...uhm,...Ork army. I got a box of gretchin and a box of Nobz to try out some painting techniques and themes.

As I'm painting these units up, in my mind I go through the different army options that are available and that brings me to the core of this topic. How do you go about setting up a nice playable and fun army list when you start a new army??

Right now I'm reading the codex and try to imagine what units have real good rules and what units might look nice on paper but actually suck when you play. The codex is a good resource for the background, story and available units for any army but will not give you a standard plug and play army list.

In the games I played I have taken some notes of units that worked really well against me and what units I would never take. I go mostly by memory but have a few opponents army lists from which I can draw inspiration.

At my gaming club I have seen players proxy about 50% of their 1500 points army when they started a new army. That's fine by me but it's always a bit awkward when you say "that unit of space marines are actually necron destroyers and that whirlwind is a monolyth". This way you will get a good feel of the different units without buying them. Personally I don't really like it.

When I started my warhammer fantasy army I just started with some units that seemed fun to paint. and it was fun to paint up all these units but when I had to make an actually playable armylist I got stuck. I needed more core units and had plenty of lords and hero's. I now have about 1500 points worth of Warriors of Chaos which have never seen the green felt of the battlefield. They are nicely painted units that look great in my cabinets but other then that they are no use to me.

Then of course there's the internet, a great source of information. but maybe a bit too much information because anyone can write anything.. If you post your armylist on the interwebs there are always enough people to shoot down your ideas with good argumentation so that you have to go back to the drawingboard over and over again.

So there are a lot of ways to start a new army but I'm curious to find out how you, the readers got to a good armylist that you are happy with. Please let me know and inspire me...
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