A Nob well done

Last week I hardly got any painting done. I wanted to get the hazzard stripes done on my drop pod because I found a nice tutorial on the FTW site....But didn't get round to it. I didn't even get to put up a "Fantasy Friday"post here on my blog. I simply had a ton of work to do and ran out of time.I did however start up a new project. I want to paint up my Space Marine Army and get it over and done with so I assembled the last assault squad and started pinning them to their base. I'll put the pics up when I get some done.

Click to enlarge
But I also did manage to finish the first Ork Nob. You might remember seeing him in WIP 5 and now I got to finish it. I tried out an Ork skin tone of my own. Unfortunately in the picture the skintone comes out pretty flat even though it has about 5 layers of highlights and some washes. I think I realy need a lightbox.

Anyway, I really like how he turned out. The idea for the army is yellow armour and lots of rust. It also has a lot of chipped armour like I explained in my "Battle damage tutorial". The only thing I never though of is how the hell is he ever going to get that spare gun on his back with his power klaw.!?!

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