Wednesday W.I.P.6

Last week I started a new weekly feature on my blog called the "Wednesday W.I.P." and this week I will continue with that. (otherwise it wouldn't be a weekly feature now would it...?). But if you read last weeks episode you'll notice something strange. Last week I was bussy painting up a bunch of Nobz and this week I have been painting something completely different.

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As you can see on my blog I have various topics on my Space Marine army but it isn't completely finished yet. I still have to paint 1 more unit of tacticals, 1 unit of assault marines, a Rhino and a Drop pod. The drop pod interior was already done so last week I did the outside. The reason for switching projects is that I promised myself that I would finish the SM army ASAP so I could start fielding it at tournaments. So the Nobz were brushed aside and the drop pod saw some paint after standing on a shelf for the last 6 months.

The drop pod is now about 90% done. I still need to add some detail here and there and I want to paint those yellow and black "caution stripes" on the cargo doors. I'm still looking for the best way to achieve that. I have been fooling around with masking tape but my efforts were not that good and the stripes looked wonky and uneven. Back to the interwebs to look for a nice tutorial on that.

In the comming weeks I will try to get some work done on the SM army and paint a bit of the Nobz in between.

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