Wednesday W.I.P.6

Last week I started a new weekly feature on my blog called the "Wednesday W.I.P." and this week I will continue with that. (otherwise it wouldn't be a weekly feature now would it...?). But if you read last weeks episode you'll notice something strange. Last week I was bussy painting up a bunch of Nobz and this week I have been painting something completely different.

Click to enlarge
As you can see on my blog I have various topics on my Space Marine army but it isn't completely finished yet. I still have to paint 1 more unit of tacticals, 1 unit of assault marines, a Rhino and a Drop pod. The drop pod interior was already done so last week I did the outside. The reason for switching projects is that I promised myself that I would finish the SM army ASAP so I could start fielding it at tournaments. So the Nobz were brushed aside and the drop pod saw some paint after standing on a shelf for the last 6 months.

The drop pod is now about 90% done. I still need to add some detail here and there and I want to paint those yellow and black "caution stripes" on the cargo doors. I'm still looking for the best way to achieve that. I have been fooling around with masking tape but my efforts were not that good and the stripes looked wonky and uneven. Back to the interwebs to look for a nice tutorial on that.

In the comming weeks I will try to get some work done on the SM army and paint a bit of the Nobz in between.



Courtney @ Cadian 127th said...

Very nice looking 'pod. Did you use a wash on the green areas? The metallic areas look good, but a bit bright. As this is a WIP, do you have more plans for weathering the metal areas? There are some good guides out there for doing the hazard stripes - they can be a right pain though even with a guide. Keep up the good work!

Tangata Honu said...

That drop pod it's looking really good. I like the atention you are paying to details. Hope to see it finished soon

Deadmeat said...

Really nice looking Drop Pod. Might have to use it as a guide when I paint mine up. Thanks for the Inspiration.

Porky said...

I love the freshness of those scrapes, but if you really do want to dirty the effect as Courtney suggests, I'd recommend looking at the GW website blog post for last Friday.