Wednesday W.I.P.7

Painting has been slow this week. I did manage to get a Nob done but the other painting projects almost came to a halt.

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 First there's the drop pod I'm trying to finish but I can't get motivated to make the final push. Eventhough it's a pretty simple model it's a pretty big paintjob. I somehow lost interest when I realized I underestimated it big time. I did manage to find a nice tutorial on FTW to make the hazard stripes and I started work on them and the good thing is that when they are done the pod will be finished. I applied the yellow basecolor so I can paint black diagonal lines over it and I even marked out where the lines should go but even a simple thing as applying the yellow was a hard job as painting yellow is one of the most frustating things to do when it comes to painting miniatures. The yellow just doesn't cover well so first I did a layer of faundation paint Tausept ochre  and then two layers of sunbright yellow. I'm already regretting picking yellow as my main color for my Orks army ....if only it wouldn't look so nice when finished..

The other project I kick started this week was assembling a small assault squad. They will join my other assault squads. I found out the hard way that a 5 men assault squad is just a point sink and total waste of space. 5 men will not do enough damage and get whiped out too easily. 10 men squads do much better. I constructed them and they are ready for their basecoat. I always leave the jump packs and shoulder pads off at this stage because it's much easier to paint this way, I just have to make sure to keep all the parts together. I'll start pinning them and basing them so I can undercoat them and I'll take some pics of that so you can see how I go about that. I really like the method I have created over time by trial and error.mostly ,...error.

Then there's also the Orks and I didn't really do much with them. I picked out some parts and painted them for a bit while I was waiting for paint to dry on other models. Thought I'd put them in the pic too because I did do some work on them,just not that much.


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