Fantasy Friday: Giant

Last week I missed the Fantasy Friday due to a ton of work that I had to get finished before the weekend. This week I'm trying to make it up to you by posting lots of pictures of one of my favourite models that I have painted.

I present to you: "Langors the Chaos Giant". Now you might think that he looks nothing like the typical chaos giant but that's because I don't like that model and so I tried to make him look as a regular giant with chaos bits added. The fluf behind this fella is that he was captured and held prisoner in the city of Praag by the empire soldiers. Then when the city of Praag was sacked by the forces of chaos he joined their ranks. You can still see the shackles and chains around his neck that once kept him a slave. He also made a pair of fancy trousers from the emperial flags.(see detail) He also picked up some shields and now uses them as armour plates. It's not a lot of conversion work but I really like this model as it is.I think this is one of the best models GW has ever made with all the extra bits you get to customize your giant.

In these pictures you can see the giant roaming the borders in the north looking for unsuspecting peasants. It's more a showmodel then that I actually use him on the table very often. Giants are a bit of a hit or miss factor and if you're not carefull a pretty big point sink or risk to any of your own army standing too close.



Porky said...

I can see why it's a show model! It's not one of my favourite minis, but I like very much how you've got those great textures, and the choice of colours.

That landscape really looks the part too, almost as if it were a base or built terrain, which I suppose is natural given how we want bases and terrain to look natural..!

Warpaintguy said...

Thanks proky, It's my backyard. Ofcourse I keep a piece of it clear to be a base for photographing my mini's

40k Terrain said...

I love the setting outside! Looks really good. Much easier than setting up an equivalently awesome scene with Fantasy terrain terrain!

Oh -- and the ogre looks great, too. I find large expanses of surface like this one really hard to paint, but you did a fantastic job!

Empire Army

eldaraddict said...

Great looking giant. I love the personality you have captured on the face. The arrows in his back and prisoners add a lot of character. Great work.