Fantasy Friday: Chaos Ogres

A while back I got some ogres of a member of my gamingclub as a gift for painting up his Ogre Kingdoms Army. I thought I could use them for my Chaos Army and so after some conversions this was the result. Most people comment on how good they look when they're on the table completely ignoring the rest of my army. lol.

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The conversions are quite small and subtle and you would probably only recognize all the work that went into them if you have ever put some ogres together yourself. A lot of weapons were switched from left top right handed and a lot of extra small details added like the horns, arrows, armour plates,... I also made the banner interchangable with a large weapon so I don't have to take the banner in a WYSIWYG game.
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I don't like the look of the "official" Chaos ogres so I'm even more proud and happy with the way these turned out. The only thing I'm not happy with is the free hand on the banner. I really need to sit down again and do that again.

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