February Round up

Well, that's Febraury come and gone... Time flies. Yes I know that february is the shortest month in the year but it seems as if my painting progress has stood still. I did manage to get some time on my painting chair but not nearly as much as I would have liked.

Work and a little vacation time got in the way. Now the time off has been great, it's always good to get some time away together with your family but work has really been bogging me down. I now have to do the work of three people and just heard that because of cut backs there won't be any replacements or new collegues soon and things will continue as they are. Not a good prospect because I get home knackered and can't be bothered with much more then my dinner and some tv.

But Hey, let's look on the bright side. I did finally get my Space Marine Assault Squad assembled and ready for undercoating but I want to make a little tutorial out of creating flying bases for them and really want to do that well and want to take my time for it.

I also managed to get the hazard stripes on my drop pod, finally. And I'm redoing the battle damage on it. When I looked at it again I remembered why the damage didn't look so good. When I painted the pod I was so bogged down by it and wanted to get it done so I kinda took a short cut and now I realized that I need to do that again so I'm working on it.

My new army the space orks didn't see much brush time although I did get my first Nob finished as a sort of trial version and I'm not unhappy with the colorscheme.

Last but now least on the hobby front I did manage to score my first massacre in warhammer fantasy with the 8th edition. I squared off against a 2000 points lizzardmen army and the poor guy had no luck at all with no less then 6 salamander misfires in a row so they did nothing all game. In the end the only thing he had left was 1 wound on his Slann.

And then the blogging news. I have been really bussy and tried to get as much spare time into painting and modelling that I kinda neglected the blog and it showed. I had about 130 views less then in January but then February had a couple of days less as well. I didn't get much links from other sites and blogs so most hits were from my followers (thank you) and passers by thanks to the kind people that have my blog on their blog roll. I also seem to get a lot of hits from Google. It seems my blog get's first page when you look for "Space marine scout snipers" or "Painting battle damage" so that nice.
I'll try to push out a little further in March and want to see if I can pump up my followers number to 45 and get some links on other blogs again because that really helps.


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Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

Just found your blog, looks darn good! ill be looking over it until i hit the sack!

Keep up the great work!