Fantasy Friday: Changeling

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A new feature that I'm adding to my blog is the "Fantasy Friday". Although I have a 40K army and I'm even building a new army I also have quite some Warhammer Fantasy models. My gaming club is running a Fantasy campaign which is a lot of fun so for the last few months I have been busy getting to grips with that gaming system. Fantasy and 40K are so different in all aspects. Magic is the best example of that. 40K is more straightforward and easier to understand IMHO even if it has a lot of tricky rules of it's own.

This is the Changeling model that was released last august (I think). When I saw this model advertised in the WD I immediately knew I had to have it. I really like the way the light plays with the cloth. This would be the perfect figure for my Warriors of Chaos army, The sorcerer of Tzeentch.

I like the way it turned out. At first i thought I was going to be original and come up with my own paint scheme but I really like the way it was painted by the gamesworkshop studio so I copied most of it and only changed a few details.

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