Wednesday W.I.P.5

The plan is to show you a snapshot of my workspace with the project I'm currently working on every wednesday. I'm calling it the Wednesday Work In Progres, catchy huh! The 5 stands for the current week number. This week is week 5. No need to start trawling my blog for episodes 4,3,2 & 1 because this is the first in the series.

I won't be able to finish a project every week and I won't even get to paint a lot every week but I do manage to get some stuff done and to keep my own motivation going I thought this was a nice  little idea. I hope you guys like it too.

Click to enlarge
As you can see I'm currently working on a little group of 5 Nobz. I got the ammo Grot almost done and the bases are all done. Just started work on the Nobz themself and seem like fun to paint. Not much to see right now other then the main colors. This step is what I call basepainting. I simply fill in all the basic colors. Hopefully next week you'll see what the next few steps have been.

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