Bolt Action British Army Start

I had set myself a deadline. “Get all the infantry models from the Bolt Action British starter army done before the new year”. I Started a month ago and I finished with a day to spare. WOW RESULT!


 I don't like batch painting so I'm glad I can enjoy the models now and look forward to painting up the rest of the army. I have painted up 4 squads of 10 men and a sniper team, Piat team and light mortar team so that’s 46 models at once. For this project I have switched from Citadel paint to Vallejo and I don’t think I will ever turn back. Vallejo have a very big range, good quality paint and I really like the easy dropper bottles. They even have a specific colour for my troops, “English uniform” which is perfect. I have used Iraqi Sand for the webbing. I like this colour scheme the best, the contrast of the webbing to the uniform creates a bit of depth and makes the models nice to look at from a bit of distance on the gaming table. Using just brown tones would be a bit dull. I still have to do the support weapons and an armoured car but I’m really pleased I have such a big chunk of the army done.