Bolt Action 3 vs 3 game

Overview of the table
Here are some pictures of yesterdays club game. We played a special 3v3 scenario on a normal size table which meant every player could only put 500 points on the table. We divided the table up in three sections from which every player could move on the board but from then units could roam the board freely. In the middle of each section a disbanded vehicle was placed as an objective marker. Each objective was worth 3 points to whoever held on to it uncontested by the end of the game and every destroyed unit would be worth 1 point each.. We had a great game which lasted no less then 5 hours!! It was interesting to see different armies working together. Our side had my Brit's linked up with Wilfred's British para's and Richard's Polish. The other side had (Vichy) French, SS and Finnish troops. My Brit's were up against the French and those veteran Moroccan and legionnaires can really knock you out in close combat. In the end our opponents won the game even though we held 1 objective and the other two objectives were both contested. The body count was very much against us and we lost 11-6.
We plan on doing a big Bolt Action day in January with about 16 players but we have to think about how to organise it. With 6 players on 1 table we were waiting for a turn for far too long and a game of 1500 points per side took just over 5 hours to play. far to long. Another big disadvantage was that we had to trim down our armies to fit them in 500 points per player. That left me feeling I didn't have all the tools I needed to take the enemy apart. Have you played big battles then please let me know how you organised them.

Had a fun game so thank you all for playing. Have a great holiday and see you all in 2015 which will undoubtedly be a hobby rich year.