First Killa Kan

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No Waaagh is complete without some Killa Kanz so I have some to and I just got the first one done. I really love these models and they are Orky to the max I think. Full of little detail and a lot of different parts to mix and match.

I want my vehicles and armour bits to look like rusted old metal that used to be bright yellow. A bit like the background image of my blog. To create that look I painted it golden yellow and added rush and weathering layers with dark flesh. I used the sponge technique the most because I like the result the best but I couldn't reach everywhere with tha sponge so I had to do a lot by brush as well.

All and all this model took me three weeks to complete but that said I didn't have a lot of painting time in the past few weeks.

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Here's a shot of the complete model. As you can see it has a close combat weapon and Grotzooka. I really like the detail on the grotzooka and the idea behind it. hurling pieces of scrap towards the enemy can have quite devasting results. (so I have heard) . I haven't had time to play this model so I have no idea if it's any good.

Here's a shot of the close combat weapon. I like how it turned out but I think I should have added more scratches. looks scary anyway..

And on the left you can see the Grotzooka side a bit better. If you want to see all the little details and the effect the special crackle paint had that I used on this model then have a look at my earlier article on A Cracking Crackled Paintjob.


May Round Up

Another month has come and gone. After a very slow blogging month in April I picked up and started posting again although I didn't post as many articles as I would have liked. I only managed to post 10 articles but I must say that I think there were some great articles. Unfortunatley none of my articles got picked up by the bigger blogs out there so no new followers and hits that way.
The articles I really liked and think would be usefull to every wargamer out there this month were:

Painting a Cracking Crackled Paintjob.I found a new product in a scrapbook shop that creates a stunning cracked paint effect so I wrote this article about it.

Undercoat tutorial, not just for beginners. In this article I show some of my undercoatd techniques. Even if you've been a wargamers for years you might still get some usefull tips from this article.

'Ard Boy conversion and 'Ard Boy paintscheme. these are two articles that I had a lot of fun with. The first one is an article on turning a normal Ork Boy into a proppa 'Ard Boy and the second article is me painting up the 'Ard Boy from the first article.

So with these articles and the help of google I managed to get 2.106 pages views and 9 new followers. Last month I said I'd like to get to 70 followers and I nearly made it with the 69 followers i have now. So I'd like to thank all new followers for signing up and hopefully june will bring me a few more followers,...let's aim for 75 followers.

For next month I have some good content lined up. A lot of it will be Ork stuff since that's the new army I'm working on now. Last month I assembled and undercoated over 100 infantry models and they need to get painted. I will also resurect Fantasy Friday and put together 1 or 2 tutorials so stay tuned.


Solution Blogger Problem

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 Many of us are having a problem when commenting on other blogs. No matter what you do you can only comment as anonymous instead of your own username.

The solution is simple and effective and untill they get their finger out I suggest you log out of blogger, then go to the log in screen and see if the "stay logged in" box is ticked. If so untick it and log in manually. See example on the left. (sorry the pic is in dutch but you get the idea)

Whe you have logged in like this you can comment on other blogs again.

This work around is a bit crap but it works. spread the word because blogging without comments is no fun..