Ork Battlewagon WIP 3

My battlewagon is nearing it's completion. Yesterday I finished the overall battle damage. It might seem pretty straight forward but it was really time consuming. I'm really happy how it turned out although I'm still a bit bummed about the army painter primer. It's obscuring details because it's on too thick.
After I took this picture I realised I still need to paint the glyphs on the door and I want to add some more details on it by making a flagpole where the periscope should go and I want some trophy's dangling from the sides. More pictures to come later.

For now I'm calling it and I'm back on infantry models again.



New Blogger Network

Today I was contacted about a new Bloggers network called the "Tale of painters". There are already some other blog networks out there but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more. Personally I like Ron Saikowski's "From the Warp" the best but I'm looking forward to the content ToP will bring us because it is run by no less then three painters/bloggers which all produce great work.Stahly, Sigur & Garfy are all well known guys who have put their models on several different forums before and it's great to see them joining forces. This can only be a good thing.

I had a browse through their new blog and it is already crammed with quality posts. I'd like to ask you to have a look for yourself and if you like support them by joining the network.

Click here: Tale Of Painters



Ork Battlewagon WIP 2

Not a huge update if you look at the progress on the whole model but I spent a lot of time getting the look on the undercarriage , wheels and tracks just right. I wanted them to look rusty and banged up and I think I have achieved just that. I went crazy with my blister sponge creating the basic rust effect and drybrushed some boltgun metal over it. A little more drybrush over the areas where the orks would walk. I also painted under the hatch (open on photo's) and you can see this truck will not get a "Red Paint Job" but as a little joke it does have RPJ...

The colors I have used are: Dark flesh - fiery orange - lyanden darksun - boltgun metal - tin bitz - gold - mechrite red- chaos black - adeptus battlegrey - codex grey

I will add some dust pigments when the whole model is done as a finishing touch.

Next part to paint is the drivers cab/ cockpit...



Ork Battlewagon WIP 1

Ork Battlewagon WIP
Two weeks ago I finally got my shipment in from Maelstorm. I had placed an order for an Ork Battlewagon and I had to wait 3 weeks for it to arive. In those three weeks I had plenty of time to think about what kind of color scheme I would paint it and what it should like like. I decided on an all Yellow Battlewogon but with loads of rust and battle damage.

I'm painting the wagon in stages because it's easier to handle and paint that way. I've assembled it so that I can take everything of if I decide to go "open topped" or full armour with battle canon.I can take everything off and change it to fit the specifications on my army roster.

I have also added some armour plating above the rear big shoota's to give them some more protection. I just think it looks better this way instead of the big gaping holes in the sides and top.

As you can see some parts are still in the armypainter yellow undercoat and some part are already painted. It was the first time I used an army painter colored primer and probably the last. Yellow is a hard color to paint and the primer didn't cover properly in some areas and was too thick in other areas. I went over with a can from the DIY store and painted lyanden foundation over that and finished it off with a layer of watered down golden yellow before I started the weathering.

Still need to do the Tusks.....

The reinforced ram will probably not get used a lot because I want to go for a "deff rolla" but it was great fun painting it up. The bad moon icon on the front was done "free hand".



'Ard Boyz Concept part 2

Ork 'Ard Boyz
It's been a while ago that I published my first 'Ard Boy concept here on my blog and now I'm back working on that project again. I got loads of possitive feedback on my first 'Ard Boy so now I am working on the other 10 Boyz in armour.I aim for a unit of 12 (11Boyz and 1 Nob) so I can put them in a trukk and hurl them acros the battlefield straight into the enemy lines.I recently finished the Nob so now only the normal boyz to go. They all get a WW2 German "Stahlhelm"(helmet) with a spike on top(WW1) and lots of armour plates. I recently played the "Space Marine"game and that featured some 'Ard Boyz wearing shields so I want to give halve the unit shields as well to make them look even more distinctive on the table,

'Ard boyz are just regular Ork Boyz but with a keen eye for metal scraps lying about. They collect them and use them as armour plates. Not exactly mega armour but it gives them a 4+ armour save which is a lot better then the normal Ork Boy T-Shirt save. You can only field one unit of 'Ard Boyz in your army so therefor I'm aiming at a unit of 12 first, if they work really well I can upgrade them to 20 and put them in a Battlewagon but I don't think a bigger unit would work because they would have to get across the battlefield on foot and there are too many nasty AP4 weapons. Close combat is where they need to be and the need to get there asap!



Zagstruk and his Stormboyz

I've been working hard lately, the problem is that I have been working on about 6 different projects and I haven't kept track of my progress here on my blog. Now it's time to change that and in the coming week I'll post some updates.

First off are my Stormboyz and their boss. Boss zagstruk was my first finecast model and I didn't really enjoy the experience. A lot of bubbles and bend stuff that needed to be straight. The model itself is a great sculpt and a joy to paint all the details. Zagstruk has red armour but to make him fit in with the rest of my army he and the stormoyz now have yellow armour and a lot of rust effects.

I have 15 Stormboyz but so far I have only painted 5 a 100% and 5 for about 50%, the last 5 are still in the box. I hope you like them, I tried to put as much character in each model as I could. Let me know what you think.



Space Marine Review

Chaos Lord Nemeroth

Recently I have been suffering from a paintersblock. A unit of Ork Stormboyz have been sitting half painted on my desk for ages. Hence the lack of posts here on my blog. So when I saw the latest THQ-Relic video game release "Space Marine" I thought it would be a nice way to get some 40K flavour and inspiration. I have played Dawn of War, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2 which are all from the same company as their latest release. I loved the first two games but was really let down by DoW2, it simply wasn't my thing but I still play it sometimes to get that 40K feeling. The enviroment in the game is stunning and overal I think the game looks pretty solid. Because I only had one slightly negative experience with THQ so I thought I'd bust my wallet to get the game.

Now for those of you that have been living under a rock, "Space Marine" is a third person shooter set in the 40K universe. You get to play a campaign as Captain Titus from the Ultramarines or play an online multiplayer game.
Captain Titus overseeing the IG defences
Let's start with the single player campaign. At first you have to get used the the third person camera view but once you hack and slash your way through the first wave of Orks you get used to it. At first you only get a bolterpistol and combat knife but as you progress you get to have a go with all the space marine weapons you can think of. My personal favourites are the Stalker Boltgun, Lascanon and Stormbolter but blasting away with the meltagun can also be a lot of fun. The close combat weapons like the chainsword, power axe and thunderhammer all work in the same way but each does a bit more damage then the previous.

The Ork Warboss
Now without spoiling the storyline for those of you that still want to play the campaign I can say that the storyline is pretty predictable but fun. In this game it isn't about the story or interaction with other characters, it's about killing as many xenos as possible and there are a couple of cool ways to do that. For each enemy you kill you get some xp-points and when you have enough you can unleash your "Fury". It either let's makes you ultra strong in close combat or gives you a kind of matrix effect bullit-time so you can pick off your enemy's one by one in slowmotion with your gun of choice.The other cool thing to finish off your enemies is to first stun them in close combat and then kill them with a special move like we first saw in Mortal Combat.The extra benefit you get from that is that your lifebar will fill back up when you're wounded if you use these special combo's.

Stormboyz on the attack
The campaign was a real blast to play through and takes you through different levels and setting. The game was never really hard but when you die you get to respawn at a save point that is never too far back. It also has a couple of different levels between the normal "shoot'em up"levels where you fly on board a Valkery or ride on the back of a train. The last level when you face off with Chaos Lord Nemeroth is also something different as well and I don't want to spoil it but the ending was a bit dissapointing to me. For me the single player mode was all about soaking up the atmosphere and looking at the cool scenery. The only dissapointing thing to me were the dead guardsmen lying everywhere but they all looking the same.

Then to the Multiplayer. This is where the game is a giant let down to me. I love playing MPG's like CoD Modern Warfare and Battlefield bad company 2 so I had high hopes for this game as I was going to be able to run araound as a Space Marine. But now that I have tried it a good couple of times I think I won't bother anymore and this is why:
1. You have to use steam....
2. There are only 2 MP gaming modes, seize ground and anihilation.
3. There are only a couple of maps to play on, I believe 4 or 5
4. You can't pick the game from a list, steam will find you a spot in some game.
5. It's lagggggggggy most of the times.
6. It get's boring pretty quick

Now I have a decent gaming pc and good internet connection but still I get very laggy games most of the time. I shoot someone in the head with my lascanon but instead of dying it disapears and the enemy pops up next to my and kills me... I really hate the the game fins me a spot in an ongoing game instead of letting me pick one that I like from a list that.

Now there is a cool feature called the customiser. You can play in multiplayer games as any of the main space marine chapters or you can create your own. If you want to unlock all the choices though you have to gain levels in the multiplayer game. Therefor you are very limited in your choices from the start. It's a fun feature for a short while and I liked to create a space marine simular to my own miniture DIY chapter but it's also a very confusing factor in the game. everyone in the MP is using different skins so it's hard to see if it's a thousand sons chaos marine, ultra marine or someones DYI customised skin.

All and all I think every 40K player should have this game but I think you shouldn't have it just now for top dollar/pound/euro. Wait for it to end up in the budget bin and get it cheap a couple of months from now. The game will still lool just as good and you'll have fun playing the campaign. The campaign is good but not hard or challenging so once you're done with that there isn't really anything left to play as I think the MP is just a pain in the neck.

My rating 5 out of 10 because half of the game (single player) was very good.



Painting Ork Skin Tutorial

Click to enlarge
Over the past months I have been asked the same question over and over: "How do you paint Ork Skin". I have replied to those questions but I thought it would be nice of me to make a dedicated article on how I do it.
The way I do it you get a light colored skin tone but it isn't bright. The key to this is GW's foundation paint "gretchin Green" and normal plain water. I can't say it enough that you need to water down your paints to get the best result. undiluted paints tend to look "thick"and messy and most of all they obscure the finest detail of your models specially if you use multiple layers.

So here's my step by step recipe:

-First basecoat all the Ork's skin with watered down Gretchin Green. I use 60%GG & 40% water, because it's a foundation paint it has loads of pigment and diluting it will not make it transparent but will make it flow easily and will give you a thin layer.

-Then I wash all of the skin with Devlan Mud wash. I also dilute this to 50/50. You don't have to dilute it but I prefer it so it doesn't look too thick.

-Next I paint all the raised areas like muscles with the same paint I used in the first step.Make sure the wash is completely dry or it will become messy. just leave the deepest areas as they are. this will create the first bit of definition.

-The next step is mixing up Gretchin Green with Bleached Bone and again dilute the mixture it water. I use about 60%Gretchin Green and 40% Bleached bone and water this down again to get a nice flowy paint. I use this mixture to paint the higher areas leaving just a bit of the previous layer visible.

-The 5th step is highlighting the most raised areas and edges. For this I use a mixture of 30%Gretchin Green and 70% Bleached Bone but I water it down quite a bit so it becomes a bit transparent and blends with the previous layer.

-The last step is to blend it all together a bit and for this I use Thraka Green wash that I water down a lot. 20% Thraka and 80% water. If you leave the Thraka too thick it will puddle in the deepest areas and Thraka Green has the nasty habit of leaving a very light color. If you dilute it like me it will blend all your layers together nicely without any nasty side effects

As an alternative you could experiment with the color of washes. I sometimes wash a model with Greyphone Sepia to finish it up or use a purple wash instead of devlan Mud in the 2nd step.

This is a very simple guide on Ork Skin. Of course you can add extra detail by painting in the veins or tattoos.



July Round up

The fact that I'm writing up July's news round up on the 4th of August really sums up my blogging activity at the moment. Somehow I have lost momentum and I'm struggling to get back into it all. I have a ton of work on my hobby desk and I have finished a couple of projects but I find it hard to find some time to make some nice articles of it all.

I'm working on my Waaagh almost daily but the sheer numbers and the level of detail I want to put in every model makes it a slow process. In July I finished 10 Boyz and 2 Nobz, I have acquired some new models and assembled and based those.

My blog is still attracting a lot of people thanks to Google. People look for something that happens to be on my blog and they then stick around to have a look at all my other stuff. The Linked-within widget is priceless! I also had some of my articles linked on some forum so all and all it wasn't a bad month considering I only posted three articles for the whole month.

I got a lot of nice feedback on my Boyz and Nobs but my video on "Zagstruk"hardly got any hits nor comments. I guess I took a chance of actually putting my first video together but no one is interested. I have therefor seized recording the project.It's too much work recording and editing, time I can better spend working on models. Too bad but lesson learned.

In august I hope to complete Zagstruk and his 10 men Vulcha squad and I'll get some conversion work done on an old War buggy.



Moonshine Boyz finished

It's been pretty quiet here recently. I have focussed on painting and modelling this past month instead of blogging. So don't worry, I'm just building up more content for the next few weeks. I got a lot of things done and took a lot of pictures but I just haven't had the time or will to make articles out of it all.

One thing I do want to share with you already is the unit of Ork Boyz. I painted them up like I did the rest of my WAAAGH and I even did an extra Nob as a bonus.

I hope you like them all, let me know what you think.



Skrapsmacka's Moonshine Boyz FLUFF (prologue)

The planet Belis Alta was once a thriving and prosperous planet but after a vicious attack from a kraken fleet of thousands of tyranid swarms it could now only be classified as a dead world. The tyranids had killed every living thing on the planet and like a swarm of locust moved on to another unfortunate solar system. All that was left were the ruined hives in the middle of vast deserts.

For a dead world there was a lot of noise and racket coming from the ruined manufactorum. Grots scouring for scrap were wildly squealing with pleaasure when they found something they could use. The grots were so busy and imagined themselves safe that they didn't hear the creaky sound of armour tracks that were approaching them. It was only when the imperial Chimera had come to a 100 meters from the old manufactorum that one of the grots happened to look up from his scrapheap and saw the outline of the transport. Immediately he screamed in high pitched tone "HUMIEZ!!!". The rest of the grots looked up and froze at the sight of the imperial Chimera, confused they stood completely still but then fled leaving all their valued collections behind. For creatures with such small legs they were incredibly fast and within a second there wasn't a grot left to be seen.

The Chimera halted it's approach as the top hatch opened. Clouds of dust carried by the hot winds swept over the vehicle obscuring the drivers vision. It couldn't safely get any closer to the ruins without knowing what lied waiting for them ahead. From the vehicle some figures appeared. It was a small inquisitorial force sent out to investigate. A couple of days ago an imperial drone had picked up a scan of some life forms but they were too small to identify. The inq. grey knights came with few but were well prepared to face anyone or anything....This was a simple recon mission, if it were humans they had to be captured, if it was anything else it had to be killed.

 In an old and abandoned bunker nearby a pair of red glowing eyes glistened in the dark doorway. The large figure slowly moved out in the open muthering some words:"..pesky... humiez..". Like a troop of awakening wolves some more large Ork Nobz came out of their lair. They gazed at the chimera that was still far away at the far end of the ruin. They stretched their backs and arms wide in the air holding their heavy and rusted weapons high above their head. "Finally sum aktion!" their leader shouted to his companions.One of the slightly smaller Orks reminded the Big Nob that their warboss Skrapsmacka had forbidden any contact with enemies if any presented themselves. In true ork fashion the big Nob punched the smaller ork in the face and ordered the immediate attack.They started running from cover to cover to get as close to the enemy without being seen.They were gloating with the thought of the opportunity to slash their rusty blades through some human spines.

 Meanwhile all but one of the grey knights had left the chimera. A grey knight warrior with a meltagun was to stay with the chimera and give the others cover as the others would causiously move through the ruins. These humans showed no fear and even when they eventually saw the ork Nobz only meters away instead of looking for cover they kept advancing but spread out.

 Two of the crusaders with an agro flagelant went wide close to the edge of the ruin whist the other crusader advanced though the middle accompanied by 2 Death Cult Assassins and an agro flagelant, the warrior in the chimera remained in possition overlooking the site. The dust winds made it hard for him to see what happened in the ruins and all the chimera's shots  missed their targets as they could only see them for a split second.

The Ork Nobz were confused when they realised that their opponents seemed unfaced by them. Maybe it was because of that then when the two forces colided that the first nob was slew with ease. When his body fell to the ground the other Orks went crazy and with furious anger they hacked away at their opponents. Although the grey knights seemed without fear they were no match for the primal power of the orks. One by one they were slaughtered in close combat. The grots that had been hiding in the ruins saw with great pleasure that the grey knights were no match for the Nobz. Their eyes started glowing bright red with excitement and they hastely came from their hiding places. Cowardly they singled out one of the last two remaining crusaders and raised their blasta's at him. The grey knight crusader stared down at the vile green grots, this was not how a noble grey knight should die. Nevertheless, before he could react the grots unleashed a hail of bullets from a save distance and the crusader was struck down. When he fell to his knees, blood spilling from his mouth he held his hands to his chest. Quickly his dark red blood was spilling through his fingers and he fell over, dead!. The grots screamed for joy and hopped from one leg to the other when they realised that they had managed to kill the mighty crusader. The only remaining crusader saw that all was lost and tried to get back to the chimera.

When he was only 10 meters away from the chimera he could finaly see his transport through the clouds of whirling dust. He smirked and then tried to warn those who stood there waiting for him. "QUICKLY, FALL BACK! THIS PLACE IS ........ARGHHH!"... The crusader stopped running and his legs caried him a few more steps before he fell down with his face in the sand. A huge axe was sticking out from his back. The warrior tried to look through the dust to see what had thrown the axe but he saw nothing. A second later he jumped in the chimera and shouted at the driver to head for the extraction point as fast as possible.

Back on the battle barge the surviving warrior was immediately summoned to the comms room for debriefing. All he could tell his superiors was the confirmed sighting of grots, nothing else. The commander fumed with anger and sent out a high altitude drone to the site that had been appointed by the Chimera driver. The recon footage showed nothing, no enemies, no bodies ,nothing. Could this have been simple feral orks and grots or was it something else, something bigger, something more dangerous? What could live on a dead world like Belis Alta, it was a planet of no importance whatsoever so surely no organised enemy force would risk living there. It was nothing like it's neighbouring dead world planet "Belis Corona" other then it's harsh climat.
The actual battlefield (200 points kill Team)
This was an actual 200 points Kill Team game that was turned into a battle report/story by myself. The fluff of my "Boyz" will largely be based on further battles I play and some background and history in between.  This is a very fun way to get a real feel and connection with the army I'm building.


June Round Up

OMG OMG !!! I really can't believe how fast May has come and gone. It almost seems as if i was hibernating and the whole month went by me.

So what have I been up to last month?
- Well I painted up a small number of Orks for my Tale of 4 gamers challenge. I painted a bit of a mixed bag, 1 Killa can, 4 Boyz and 4 Grotz. I have to admit that because I had spent almost 3 weeks on painting the killa kan I had to opt for the easy way out and quickly painted some smaller models so I could achieve my target for May.

This might need some explaining. 3 other gamers and me set up a "tale of four gamers" challenge in which we have to paint 10 points every month. We broke down the models into different brackets because for example 1 guy is painting Grey knights and I'm doing Orks. If we would use the points for units I would have to paint about 40 boyz whilst the Grey Knight player only has to paint 10. We broke down the models like this:

- 25mm bases: 1 point per model
- 40mm bases: 2 points per model
- 60mm bases/bike bases/small flying bases: 3 points per model
- vehicle / large oval/large flyingbase: 10 points per model

This way every player has to invest about the same amount of time every month to reach their targets.

My greenskins for May

 I have also fielded my greenskins in a couple of 200pnt Kill Team games. I came out on top vs the Grey knights but the dark Eldar were too fast for me and almost tabled me. I also had a game vs Nids and lost that to.

As part of our "To4G"challenge I also had to write a battle report on my game vs the grey knights.I will be using that batrep as a prologue for my Fluff and I'm thinking of posting it hare too but writing in English isn't my strong point.

Anything else happened in June?
Yes, I bought my first finecast model, Another lovely greenskin. I'm not telling which model yet because I'm saving it up for next month when I'm doing a "special" on him and his unit.More later...

So what's in store for this month?
Well, I have to paint up more Boyz but I've started well. I'm painting them in an assembly line fashion now and things are going faster. I have good hope I'll finish my 10 Boyz + nob well before the end of this month so I can start on some ork Kommandos as a treat for myself.


First Killa Kan

Click to enlarge
No Waaagh is complete without some Killa Kanz so I have some to and I just got the first one done. I really love these models and they are Orky to the max I think. Full of little detail and a lot of different parts to mix and match.

I want my vehicles and armour bits to look like rusted old metal that used to be bright yellow. A bit like the background image of my blog. To create that look I painted it golden yellow and added rush and weathering layers with dark flesh. I used the sponge technique the most because I like the result the best but I couldn't reach everywhere with tha sponge so I had to do a lot by brush as well.

All and all this model took me three weeks to complete but that said I didn't have a lot of painting time in the past few weeks.

Click to enlarge

Here's a shot of the complete model. As you can see it has a close combat weapon and Grotzooka. I really like the detail on the grotzooka and the idea behind it. hurling pieces of scrap towards the enemy can have quite devasting results. (so I have heard) . I haven't had time to play this model so I have no idea if it's any good.

Here's a shot of the close combat weapon. I like how it turned out but I think I should have added more scratches. looks scary anyway..

And on the left you can see the Grotzooka side a bit better. If you want to see all the little details and the effect the special crackle paint had that I used on this model then have a look at my earlier article on A Cracking Crackled Paintjob.


May Round Up

Another month has come and gone. After a very slow blogging month in April I picked up and started posting again although I didn't post as many articles as I would have liked. I only managed to post 10 articles but I must say that I think there were some great articles. Unfortunatley none of my articles got picked up by the bigger blogs out there so no new followers and hits that way.
The articles I really liked and think would be usefull to every wargamer out there this month were:

Painting a Cracking Crackled Paintjob.I found a new product in a scrapbook shop that creates a stunning cracked paint effect so I wrote this article about it.

Undercoat tutorial, not just for beginners. In this article I show some of my undercoatd techniques. Even if you've been a wargamers for years you might still get some usefull tips from this article.

'Ard Boy conversion and 'Ard Boy paintscheme. these are two articles that I had a lot of fun with. The first one is an article on turning a normal Ork Boy into a proppa 'Ard Boy and the second article is me painting up the 'Ard Boy from the first article.

So with these articles and the help of google I managed to get 2.106 pages views and 9 new followers. Last month I said I'd like to get to 70 followers and I nearly made it with the 69 followers i have now. So I'd like to thank all new followers for signing up and hopefully june will bring me a few more followers,...let's aim for 75 followers.

For next month I have some good content lined up. A lot of it will be Ork stuff since that's the new army I'm working on now. Last month I assembled and undercoated over 100 infantry models and they need to get painted. I will also resurect Fantasy Friday and put together 1 or 2 tutorials so stay tuned.


Solution Blogger Problem

Click to enlarge
 Many of us are having a problem when commenting on other blogs. No matter what you do you can only comment as anonymous instead of your own username.

The solution is simple and effective and untill they get their finger out I suggest you log out of blogger, then go to the log in screen and see if the "stay logged in" box is ticked. If so untick it and log in manually. See example on the left. (sorry the pic is in dutch but you get the idea)

Whe you have logged in like this you can comment on other blogs again.

This work around is a bit crap but it works. spread the word because blogging without comments is no fun..


A tale of 4 gamers

At the moment I'm finishing my models for my "Tale of 4 Gamers" mission. Me and three others ('duh) of my gaming club picked up the gauntlet. Basicly what it means is that the four of us want to start a new army and this is a good way to keep motivated.

As you can see on the picture on the left there are three players who will start a new army that is just released. Two guys are going to start a Dark Eldar cult and one will have a run with the Grey Knights which leaves me starting a new army with the oldest codex and models...

For those of you that have never heard of "A tale of 4 gamers" before I shall explain the concept a bit. It basicly boils down to this; you paint a certain amount of models per month, play at least one battle per month and can score extra points for added objectives. A great way to build up an army and keep motivated along the way.

We have agreed to a monthly paint score of either 10 infantry models or 3 40mm or small flyer bases, or 1 vehicle. We should also play a battle and we can score extra points for the win and a battle report. Then there are points to be scored for objective markers (max 5) and fluff. (1 page).

You might think that the number of models is quite low but for four adults all with a job and family I can asure you that it can be hard to meet this deadline every month.

Then let's have a look at the competitors:
-Let's start by saying that I'm the absolute NOOB here. (Orks)

-Mr.M (Grey Knights)is a long(long long) time player of 40k and warhammer fantasy. It's always good to have him around when your playing a game because this guy is a walking rulebook and knows the stats by head.

-Mr. R (Dark Eldar) is a fanatic gamer and just recently opened up his Games Workshop Store as a shopmanager. I think he has started every army but I can think of very few that he has finished.This should be a good way to keep him going.

-And last but not least there's Mr. B (Dark Eldar) who has also been in this hobby for many years and has already collected no less then 3 Golden Deamon trophies. He is looking to add 1 more to his prize cabinet and the Dark Eldar have some stunning models that might give him the edge.

Our first deadline is the 31st of May so by then I'll post again to show you what we all did in our first month.(that is if I get their permission to post it)



'Ard Boy Paint Concept

Click to enlarge
 I've had an extremely bussy week so I didn't get round to do much painting. I did however manage to get some warpaint on my 'Ard Boy. (that sounds odd and a bit dirty...)
So anyway, you might have seen my earlier post on the 'Ard Boy conversions but if you have not you can have a look here. I want the "Ard Boyz to look "proppa 'Ard" so I stuck some extra armour plates on him and gave him an old german WW2 helmet of which I have plenty so I can do about 20 Boyz like this. I didn't do much else to him because in the codex it says an 'Ard Boy is like a normal Ork Boy only with a lot of extra armour plates which confer a 6+ armour save to a 4+.
So on with the painting. If you haven't seen any of my other Orks you should just trawl my blog for a bit and you'll find some. I like the "Bad Moons"so my paint scheme is based on that clan. I use sunburst yellow and a lot of rust for the general look of my army so the 'Ard Boys fit within this scheme perfectly.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't seem to pick up the different shades of skintone but I use Gretchin green as a basecolor and after a wash with devlan mud I work that up with bleached bone/gretchin green and a faint highlight with rotten flesh to top things off.
I Didn't go all out on the clothing, Just a simple highlight and a wash. On models that will have to stand out in an army I would put more effort in but as it stand I have about 100 infantry Orks left to do and this one already took a couple of hours. To speed things up when I start batch painting these I did cut some corners but I still think it looks nice enough. Like with all my bases these guys will also stand on a pile of rubble and rust. Making these bases alone costs me a lot of time and making a unit of 10 will cost an extra hour or so.
I can't wait to see 20-some of these guys running across the battlefield..



'Ard Boy test model

No Ork Army is complete without an 'Ard Boy regiment so I saved up some bitz from my 7 boxes of Boyz and put together a test model. An 'Ard Boy is a normal Ork Boy but then with added armour plates that confer a 4+ armour save. I took an old german WW2 scale model helmet and cut the head so it would fit and then glued a spike from the Chaos warriors sprue on top of it. I Also added some plastic card armour plates to the shoulders and leg. 
I like the way it looks now and I think it will stand out from the normal Ork Boyz as I'm hardly giving them any armour anyway. I do plan on added a front armour chast plate on other 'Ard Boyz but this model already has one anyway.

I'm currently putting about a 100 infantry models together for the new army so I can't wait for them all to be ready and undercoated so I can concentrate on painting them all up.

ps. yeah, I still have to remove a lot of moldlines on this model...grrr. I'm having moldline nightmares...



Kill Team , 1st games with Orks

Yesterday I had my first game playing with Orks. We played a couple of Kill team games at my local gaming club. I think Kill Team is a good way to get started with a new army. You can take 200 points of miniatures, they don't act as units but as individual characters. If your Kill Team falls below 50% of it's starting figures (not points) you have to take a leadership test. If failed you lose the game. very easy, quick and fun to play.

Game 1: Orks vs Orks (200 points)

My first game was against a fellow Ork player who actually played Ork Kill team a good couple of times before and was still undefeated at our club. A tough nut so to speak.

His list was;
-5 biker boyz 
-10 slugga boyz with big shoota and a nob

My list was:
-5 Nobz with various layout like Powerklaw,big choppa, kombi scorcha and 2 vannila nobz all 'Eavy armour
-10 gretchin plus runtherd with grabba stick.

He won the roll off and got to go first and he deployed his forces in the north east table quarter. his bikes split up ready to roll in. 8 of his boyz on the right and 2 (1 big shoota) on the left.

I deployed all my gretchin on the right of my table quarter hoping to get them in good (4+) cover and 2 nobz on the left.I put the one with the powerklaw on the left to deal with the bikers.my big choppa and kombi scorcha on the right to take out some boyz.

Round 1
In his first turn he moved up his boyz and bikes to line them up propperly and he took some shots at me. Because I was spread out and in good cover and he rolled terrible on his 'to hit' rolls I only lost 1 Nob.
In my turn I just moved all my gretchin in cover and a little closer and my nobz out front.My shooting didn't go too bad and my gretchin took out 2 boyz.

Round 2 & 3
I'm not completely sure how turn two went but I remember him shooting at my gretchin on the righthand side and killing 1 gretchin and on the left he shot at one of my two nobz and wounded 1. After that I returned fire with my gretchin and moved all my nobz to charging distance. The kombi scorcha killed 3 boyz, my gretchin 1 boy and on the charge i killed his Nob and a bikerboy.
In turn 3 he passed his first leadership test so the game went on. he killed 1 nob on the left and the two nobz on the right. on the left I killed one more Bike but lost the last Nob.

Round 4
This round he had to pass his leadership test again because his total surviving figures had dropped below 50% and this time he didn't make it handing me the victory and with that my first win the very first time playing Orks.
Post game thoughts
My opponent had been a bit overconvident with his shooting. He knew I had never played my orks before so I think he thought it was going to be a roll up. afterwards he admitted that he should have drove his bikes around denying me my very valuable 4+ cover save on all those gretchin.
My gretchin were a vital part of my strategy, they are cheap but high in number so because I kept them alive for so long I never had to take a leadership test. I focussed on his boyz first and because they were in the open and within shooting range I windeled them down quite easily.
My oppponent also lost two bikes because he charged my nobz with them and that didn't pay off at all and got them killed. My Nobz had 'Eavy armour wich was also vital in keeping them alive.

Game 2: Orks vs Space Wolves (200 points)

After my first game I played another guy from my gaming club on the same table with the same lay-out. He just started space wolves and this was his list:

1  HQ choice (I can't remember which) +powerweapon
10 Wolf guard with 1 plasmagun and 1 flamer 

I played the same list as the first game:
-5 Nobz with various layout like Powerklaw,big choppa, kombi scorcha and 2 vannila nobz all 'Eavy armour
-10 gretchin plus runtherd with grabba stick.

Again I lost the roll off to go first so he set up in the same table quarter as my first opponent. He put all his troops in a bunker and I deployed my forces the same way I did before.if it works once...... (it's no garantee it will work again...)
Round 1
This game was a little different because my opponent didn''t move but just started basting away from his bunkered possition. I tried my best moving from cover to cover to close the gap but I still lost a a nob.
The cowardly Space wolves hiding in their bunker.Their weapons have far superior range over the orks weapons so no need to move...
Round 2
My plan was to run with everything trying to close the gap and get withing range or charging distance. He took the bait and focussed on my large mob of Gretchin in the north whilst my 3 nobz in the south closed in. I did lose a lot of gretchin to a flamer and shooting and also 1 Nob and a Runtherd. I then returned fire with my remaining Gretchin and manage to kill 1 wolf guard.

Round 3
In the third round at became clear that I wasn't going to win this game. Although my Gretchin stood their ground and actually managed to keep the flamer wolf guard in CC. unfortunately my oppponent switched his fire to my Nobz sneaking up to the building and he manages to kill two.
In my turn the remaining nob strikes back. It's kombi scorcha again turns some opponents into piles of ash and together with the gretchins grotblaster I finally manage to shoot 5 wolf guard from the top of the bunker.

Round 4 & Post game thoughts

In his turn 4 absolutely nothing happened, he tried shooting but nothing happened and when it was my turn I had to test for my leadership first because I fell below half strenght and I failed and so lost the game.

Clearly the table was in his advantage, he hardly moved all game and just took pot shots at my troops windling them down before they could get to them. I wonder what would have happened if I just kept out of range for the first couple of turns but my intention was to learn about the Orks. I must say that the Gretchin were again doing a great job. But I think my nobz only made 1 cover save all game and I lost them pretty quickly before they could do anything.

Game 3: Orks vs Space Wolves (200 points)

The Space wolves player wanted to have another go because he wants to get to know his army a bit better too and so we set up the table a bit differently and put the bunker in the middele so he couldn't take it first turn. I didn't take any pictures but believe me when I say that this game was the total opposite of the first game. I had him moving towards cover but managed to catch him in CC and tabled him by turn 3. The picture here on the side was the last wolf guard in CC with thee Nobz and a Runtherd. just seconds before it went down.
So in the end not a bad score winning 2 out of 3 games when I play with Orks for the very first time. I learned a few things and it was fun to play a short mission like this.

Boss Scrapsmacka can be pleased, all the enemies have been defeated... and If I would have lost I would have won anyway like a true Ork...

Weez keepin da scrap boss!