New Blogger Network

Today I was contacted about a new Bloggers network called the "Tale of painters". There are already some other blog networks out there but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more. Personally I like Ron Saikowski's "From the Warp" the best but I'm looking forward to the content ToP will bring us because it is run by no less then three painters/bloggers which all produce great work.Stahly, Sigur & Garfy are all well known guys who have put their models on several different forums before and it's great to see them joining forces. This can only be a good thing.

I had a browse through their new blog and it is already crammed with quality posts. I'd like to ask you to have a look for yourself and if you like support them by joining the network.

Click here: Tale Of Painters



Ork Battlewagon WIP 2

Not a huge update if you look at the progress on the whole model but I spent a lot of time getting the look on the undercarriage , wheels and tracks just right. I wanted them to look rusty and banged up and I think I have achieved just that. I went crazy with my blister sponge creating the basic rust effect and drybrushed some boltgun metal over it. A little more drybrush over the areas where the orks would walk. I also painted under the hatch (open on photo's) and you can see this truck will not get a "Red Paint Job" but as a little joke it does have RPJ...

The colors I have used are: Dark flesh - fiery orange - lyanden darksun - boltgun metal - tin bitz - gold - mechrite red- chaos black - adeptus battlegrey - codex grey

I will add some dust pigments when the whole model is done as a finishing touch.

Next part to paint is the drivers cab/ cockpit...



Ork Battlewagon WIP 1

Ork Battlewagon WIP
Two weeks ago I finally got my shipment in from Maelstorm. I had placed an order for an Ork Battlewagon and I had to wait 3 weeks for it to arive. In those three weeks I had plenty of time to think about what kind of color scheme I would paint it and what it should like like. I decided on an all Yellow Battlewogon but with loads of rust and battle damage.

I'm painting the wagon in stages because it's easier to handle and paint that way. I've assembled it so that I can take everything of if I decide to go "open topped" or full armour with battle canon.I can take everything off and change it to fit the specifications on my army roster.

I have also added some armour plating above the rear big shoota's to give them some more protection. I just think it looks better this way instead of the big gaping holes in the sides and top.

As you can see some parts are still in the armypainter yellow undercoat and some part are already painted. It was the first time I used an army painter colored primer and probably the last. Yellow is a hard color to paint and the primer didn't cover properly in some areas and was too thick in other areas. I went over with a can from the DIY store and painted lyanden foundation over that and finished it off with a layer of watered down golden yellow before I started the weathering.

Still need to do the Tusks.....

The reinforced ram will probably not get used a lot because I want to go for a "deff rolla" but it was great fun painting it up. The bad moon icon on the front was done "free hand".



'Ard Boyz Concept part 2

Ork 'Ard Boyz
It's been a while ago that I published my first 'Ard Boy concept here on my blog and now I'm back working on that project again. I got loads of possitive feedback on my first 'Ard Boy so now I am working on the other 10 Boyz in armour.I aim for a unit of 12 (11Boyz and 1 Nob) so I can put them in a trukk and hurl them acros the battlefield straight into the enemy lines.I recently finished the Nob so now only the normal boyz to go. They all get a WW2 German "Stahlhelm"(helmet) with a spike on top(WW1) and lots of armour plates. I recently played the "Space Marine"game and that featured some 'Ard Boyz wearing shields so I want to give halve the unit shields as well to make them look even more distinctive on the table,

'Ard boyz are just regular Ork Boyz but with a keen eye for metal scraps lying about. They collect them and use them as armour plates. Not exactly mega armour but it gives them a 4+ armour save which is a lot better then the normal Ork Boy T-Shirt save. You can only field one unit of 'Ard Boyz in your army so therefor I'm aiming at a unit of 12 first, if they work really well I can upgrade them to 20 and put them in a Battlewagon but I don't think a bigger unit would work because they would have to get across the battlefield on foot and there are too many nasty AP4 weapons. Close combat is where they need to be and the need to get there asap!



Zagstruk and his Stormboyz

I've been working hard lately, the problem is that I have been working on about 6 different projects and I haven't kept track of my progress here on my blog. Now it's time to change that and in the coming week I'll post some updates.

First off are my Stormboyz and their boss. Boss zagstruk was my first finecast model and I didn't really enjoy the experience. A lot of bubbles and bend stuff that needed to be straight. The model itself is a great sculpt and a joy to paint all the details. Zagstruk has red armour but to make him fit in with the rest of my army he and the stormoyz now have yellow armour and a lot of rust effects.

I have 15 Stormboyz but so far I have only painted 5 a 100% and 5 for about 50%, the last 5 are still in the box. I hope you like them, I tried to put as much character in each model as I could. Let me know what you think.