About Me

Welcome to my blog and how nice of you wanting to get to know me...

My name is Seb and I'm (currently) 40 years old, living in the Netherlands. 

I'm a relative noob in wargaming, I have only started painting wargame miniatures since 2008 but I have been painting a few WW2 miniature models before that although not that many. At first I just enjoyed painting up models from all different wargames and play styles so I never really had an army that I could bring to the table nor was I a member of any gaming clubs. Then one day when I went out to the store to get more models (yeah I know old fashion) the store owner asked me if I would bring some of my painted models with me the next time I came to the store and so I did. He liked my painting and asked me to come and visit the local gaming club.

Now the seed was planted because the guys at the gaming club were very nice and I started to look up information on the internet on how to collect an army and painting tutorials to further improve my skills. The internet was a real treasure of resources and soon I was playing 40K with my own space marine chapter. But it didn't stop there, most guys I knew played warhammer fantasy so I had to have one of those army's too.

And so my hobby grew and grew and now I own a lot of models which aren't all painted up yet but real life seems to get in the way of that.. I paint whenever I have a bit of time to spare and now I even painted on commission for others who appreciate my skills.

I like to share my miniatures with the rest of the world  and it's a nice way to keep the motivation going,so that's why I have started this blog back in 2010. Have a look around on this blog and you'll find my miniature showcases, tutorials and articles on everything related to miniature wargaming.

Thanks for visiting,