My plans for 2015

Happy new year my fellow hobbyists. It's that time of the year again to look back shortly at last years progress and more importantly look forward and plan on what to this year. It's gonna be good.
Last year I went ball's deep into Bolt Action, I painted up a 1500 point British force and a 1500 point German force and on top of that I made my own gaming table set as a French countryside village. (if you want to have a look at my 2014 exploits just visit my previous posts)
For this year I plan on doing 2 armies again. I got about 1500 points of USMC's and 2000 points Japanese. You can see most of it here in the picture. Usually I hit the hobby table hard and finish a 1500 points army but then burn out and don't do any painting for a couple of months before I repeat the process. Let's see if I can avoid painters burn out this year.
I'm currently struggling to get started because I really want to start on the USMC but have to paint up 30 Wehrmacht infantry first for a gaming convention in February. Well I always work best when I'm under pressure so hopefully I can get the new projects started in the first week of February...
What are your 2015 hobby resolutions?