New Army Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview
For the last couple of months my paintbrushes seemed to be made of pure lead. Too heavy to pick up, the thought of painting more greens was weighing on me heavily. I would see all those primed and prepped orks staring at me from my Detolf and I just couldn't push myself in to action.
So I came up with a plan. Start a complete new army! An arny that doesn't require a lot of models and is easy to paint up 1750 to 2000 points. I promised myself I would just paint it at tabletop standard and paint the complete army in 2 to three months.

I'm about half way into my challenge and I'm on schedule. But more importantly. I'm enjoying painting again and I can sit down in my "studio" for a couple of hours just happily painting some little men.

The paintjob is coming along nicely. I promised myself that I would not be too fussy like I normally am when I'm painting my orks and it really liberating painting with some simple and quick techniques.

The next installment will hopefully be a post about my new completly painted new army and I look forward sharing my new projects with you stay tuned.

In the mean time you'll have to do with this sneak preview of one of the large bases I've just finished.