Lost and Found... Mojo

I have finally returned to my blog. I think it happens to every wargamer every now and again. Suddenly you run out of steam and can't be bothered with painting up your miniatures or even play a casual game. This is what happened to me at the end of 2012, some set backs in my personal life made me put my painting and gaming on hold. I simply couldn't be bothered anymore and that's why I didn't post here anymore. I had to find my Wargaming Mojo back...

And I did! I had promised my gaming club that I would set up a 40K campaign and I have made a real nice one if I may say so. A slick campaign map, funky strategic assets and bonuses and a fantastic story line. We have started playing the campaign and had great fun so far.

In Holland we also have another edition of our own "Golden Daemon's" coming up. it's called "The Fang"and it organised by GW. I didn't enter the competition in previous years and always regretted it so this year I'm going to enter. I'm currently planning which projects are already good enough, which need some work and the most fun is planning for some completely new units/vehicles that I can enter for competition.

So the Club Campaign and Painting competition got my wargaming juices going again and I'm very happy with that.

I hope to post new projects again soon and for those of you that are reading this after I've been away for so long (3 months) Thank you for checking my blog out again.