Bolt Action British Army Start

I had set myself a deadline. “Get all the infantry models from the Bolt Action British starter army done before the new year”. I Started a month ago and I finished with a day to spare. WOW RESULT!


 I don't like batch painting so I'm glad I can enjoy the models now and look forward to painting up the rest of the army. I have painted up 4 squads of 10 men and a sniper team, Piat team and light mortar team so that’s 46 models at once. For this project I have switched from Citadel paint to Vallejo and I don’t think I will ever turn back. Vallejo have a very big range, good quality paint and I really like the easy dropper bottles. They even have a specific colour for my troops, “English uniform” which is perfect. I have used Iraqi Sand for the webbing. I like this colour scheme the best, the contrast of the webbing to the uniform creates a bit of depth and makes the models nice to look at from a bit of distance on the gaming table. Using just brown tones would be a bit dull. I still have to do the support weapons and an armoured car but I’m really pleased I have such a big chunk of the army done.



Bolt Action British Cromwell mk. IV Cruiser tank

After pumping out the 40K Grey Knight Army I was ready for something new and fresh. I have always been interested in WWII History and this summer I picked up the rules for a relative new WW2 skirmish game called Bolt Action by Warlord games. I really like the rules and I have picked up a starter army to get things going. I picked the British army because they are a bit of a middle of the road and all round army. They can be fielded in numerous ways and I like the general look of the models.


I started on the first model and why not pick a characteristic tank like the British Cromwell tank for a first model. I airbrushed the tank using the modulation technique. I have used the oil wash technique for the first time which I really liked but you have to be more patient than with normal washes because it takes a long time to dry. Another new thing was the Vallejo pigments to create a muddy/dusty effect.


Here’s how it turned out.



New Army Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview
For the last couple of months my paintbrushes seemed to be made of pure lead. Too heavy to pick up, the thought of painting more greens was weighing on me heavily. I would see all those primed and prepped orks staring at me from my Detolf and I just couldn't push myself in to action.
So I came up with a plan. Start a complete new army! An arny that doesn't require a lot of models and is easy to paint up 1750 to 2000 points. I promised myself I would just paint it at tabletop standard and paint the complete army in 2 to three months.

I'm about half way into my challenge and I'm on schedule. But more importantly. I'm enjoying painting again and I can sit down in my "studio" for a couple of hours just happily painting some little men.

The paintjob is coming along nicely. I promised myself that I would not be too fussy like I normally am when I'm painting my orks and it really liberating painting with some simple and quick techniques.

The next installment will hopefully be a post about my new completly painted new army and I look forward sharing my new projects with you stay tuned.

In the mean time you'll have to do with this sneak preview of one of the large bases I've just finished.



Celebration time! (pics)

In this post I will be blogging about no less then a triple celebration!

First I am proud to announce this is post number 100! yes, 100 posts on my behalf sharing my hobby exploits with the world. This is not a huge number if you consider that I have started this blog about 2,5 years ago but it's still a milestone and worth mentioning. I usually blog about my painting projects rather then gaming and other hobby related subjects so I think it's a good number.

Secondly my local Games Workshop store which is run by a fellow club member was celebrating it's 2nd birthday last weekend. A young and small 1 man shop that I like to visit from time to time was running some competitions on the day. There was a conversion challenge, painting contest, some small games and a free for all kill team battle.

I decided to bring my orks and try my hand in the Kill team battle. The game was hosted by Ian Huxely from GW UK and two other players participated in an improvised battle. Every team started out in a corner of the 4x4 table and had to race to the middle and claim the objective (a downed Stormraven. The other players played orks(30 boyz with two big shootas), Tau(3battlesuits) and Daemons(some nurglings,flamers and plague bearers). I fielded 10 gretchins with a runtherd, three nobs with sluggas and 'eavy armour and three warbikers.
It was an intense game as we agreed that every player had 5 minutes for his complete turn. The store was warm and crowded but it was great fun.
The other Ork player raced to the middle first but was taken apart by all other three players. the Tau player failed his leadership and I was able to roll up the daemons last and won the game. (third celebration) in hindsight it was only fair that i won as i had killed most stuff on the table.

I like the warbikers to take out target from safe distance with twinlinked dakka and get some nice saves, I use the nobz to get stuck in and take out tougher models. The gretchins are merely there to give me a high number of models for low cost. The more models you bring the better since you only have to take leadership tests to stay in the game if you lose more then 50% of your models.

I have found some pictures of the event so I can share some of the joy.
That's me with the yellow tapemeasure in my mouth

Tau hiding...cowards!

Warbikers are still W.I.P.

Grots moving up

Mr. Ian Huxely



Ork Kommandos

Ork Kommandos
Some time ago I finished these Ork Kommandos but I never got round to post them on my blog.
I painted them in Desert camo and some yellow bits to tie them into my Bad Moons army.

They are not the most reliable unit in the Ork range but they certainly are a lot of fun to use in games.
The ability to surprise your opponent with a small unit of cunning Orks behind their battle lines is priceless. I have 4 normal boys, 2 burnas and a nob with a powerklaw. If you position them right you can get quite a few kills the turn the come on the table by using the burnas and the burnas also help if they get charged. The unit is quite small but it faces the opponent with a problem, deal with them now or let them roam free. usually my opponents try to get rid of them asap which is good because my other units are more likely to close in on the enemy.



F*CK ME, I'm Famous!

What better way to get back into painting again then to see your work featured on the Games Workshop Website. Last summer when the Ork Flyer was just released I jumped on it immediately and after two weeks of frantic painting I finished the model and posted it here on my blog and on Coolminiornot. (you can find lots more cool pics of my plane on that page)

Very soon after that I was contacted by GW staff and they asked if I had bigger and better pictures of my bomber. I was chuffed that they wanted to post my work on their site and mailed them the original pictures. I got a nice e-mail back and they asked me if I could explain how I painted it so I sent them another mail with all the information.
I was curious to know what they wanted to use the pictures for and they said they would probably feature my flyer in a White Dwarf Daily post. For the next few weeks I checked the site daily but no yellow flyer was to be seen...

Until yesterday when I was playing a game and my opponent said that he had seen the exact same plane on GW's website and so I stated digging back through the posts and what do you know...

They used my plane to promote the recently released 40k aerial Compendium, Death from the Skies...

It's cool to see your work featured on the GW website and it's the first time for me. I hope to get more stuff featured so I'm eager to get back to the desk and go the extra mile on my new projects.

Here's the link to the article on GW.com

And here's my Flyer with information.

Seb Burlage sent us this grinning Blitza-bommer, which he painted in the colours of the Bad Moons clan. The gaping Squig mouth painted on the fuselage was inspired by the Deff Skwadron graphic novel. The smooth yellow is a mix of Averland Sunset and Yriel Yellow, which was applied using an airbrush. Seb then painted in the black panel lines using Abaddon Black watered down with Lahmian Medium. Several thinned-down washes of Agrax Earthshade give the plane an oily, weathered appearance. Seb then took a small piece of sponge and gently dabbed Doombull Brown on to the areas that would see heavy wear and tear such as the air intake and the fronts of the wings.



Lost and Found... Mojo

I have finally returned to my blog. I think it happens to every wargamer every now and again. Suddenly you run out of steam and can't be bothered with painting up your miniatures or even play a casual game. This is what happened to me at the end of 2012, some set backs in my personal life made me put my painting and gaming on hold. I simply couldn't be bothered anymore and that's why I didn't post here anymore. I had to find my Wargaming Mojo back...

And I did! I had promised my gaming club that I would set up a 40K campaign and I have made a real nice one if I may say so. A slick campaign map, funky strategic assets and bonuses and a fantastic story line. We have started playing the campaign and had great fun so far.

In Holland we also have another edition of our own "Golden Daemon's" coming up. it's called "The Fang"and it organised by GW. I didn't enter the competition in previous years and always regretted it so this year I'm going to enter. I'm currently planning which projects are already good enough, which need some work and the most fun is planning for some completely new units/vehicles that I can enter for competition.

So the Club Campaign and Painting competition got my wargaming juices going again and I'm very happy with that.

I hope to post new projects again soon and for those of you that are reading this after I've been away for so long (3 months) Thank you for checking my blog out again.