Kill Team Again. HoR Rules

Played some good ol' fashion 40K kill team this weekend with the Heralds of Ruin rules. Played two games both against Eldar. I was running a Princeling with 16 Purestrains and two with strange mutations. The cult ambush rule was more of a punishment to me than it dit me any good. My forces were spread and only 2 6's were roled over two games and that also the amount of 6's I got on my rending claws. Pretty meh... I kept failing my cover and invulnerable saves. Had a hard time getting to the enemy which were huddled up on the second floor of buildings. I even fell down twice and lost a purestrain when it fell to it's death...Had a really hard time and lost the first match and won the second. I hadn't touched 40K for 3 years but wow, I'm hooked again. This small scale battles are a lot of fun and I'm looking for a new list, something that will fit 250 points with some shooty units in it. C&C/advise is very welcome!