Zagstruk and his Stormboyz

I've been working hard lately, the problem is that I have been working on about 6 different projects and I haven't kept track of my progress here on my blog. Now it's time to change that and in the coming week I'll post some updates.

First off are my Stormboyz and their boss. Boss zagstruk was my first finecast model and I didn't really enjoy the experience. A lot of bubbles and bend stuff that needed to be straight. The model itself is a great sculpt and a joy to paint all the details. Zagstruk has red armour but to make him fit in with the rest of my army he and the stormoyz now have yellow armour and a lot of rust effects.

I have 15 Stormboyz but so far I have only painted 5 a 100% and 5 for about 50%, the last 5 are still in the box. I hope you like them, I tried to put as much character in each model as I could. Let me know what you think.

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