Ork Battlewagon WIP 2

Not a huge update if you look at the progress on the whole model but I spent a lot of time getting the look on the undercarriage , wheels and tracks just right. I wanted them to look rusty and banged up and I think I have achieved just that. I went crazy with my blister sponge creating the basic rust effect and drybrushed some boltgun metal over it. A little more drybrush over the areas where the orks would walk. I also painted under the hatch (open on photo's) and you can see this truck will not get a "Red Paint Job" but as a little joke it does have RPJ...

The colors I have used are: Dark flesh - fiery orange - lyanden darksun - boltgun metal - tin bitz - gold - mechrite red- chaos black - adeptus battlegrey - codex grey

I will add some dust pigments when the whole model is done as a finishing touch.

Next part to paint is the drivers cab/ cockpit...

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