'Ard Boyz Concept part 2

Ork 'Ard Boyz
It's been a while ago that I published my first 'Ard Boy concept here on my blog and now I'm back working on that project again. I got loads of possitive feedback on my first 'Ard Boy so now I am working on the other 10 Boyz in armour.I aim for a unit of 12 (11Boyz and 1 Nob) so I can put them in a trukk and hurl them acros the battlefield straight into the enemy lines.I recently finished the Nob so now only the normal boyz to go. They all get a WW2 German "Stahlhelm"(helmet) with a spike on top(WW1) and lots of armour plates. I recently played the "Space Marine"game and that featured some 'Ard Boyz wearing shields so I want to give halve the unit shields as well to make them look even more distinctive on the table,

'Ard boyz are just regular Ork Boyz but with a keen eye for metal scraps lying about. They collect them and use them as armour plates. Not exactly mega armour but it gives them a 4+ armour save which is a lot better then the normal Ork Boy T-Shirt save. You can only field one unit of 'Ard Boyz in your army so therefor I'm aiming at a unit of 12 first, if they work really well I can upgrade them to 20 and put them in a Battlewagon but I don't think a bigger unit would work because they would have to get across the battlefield on foot and there are too many nasty AP4 weapons. Close combat is where they need to be and the need to get there asap!


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sonsoftaurus said...

Ard Boyz are great; I think that they're well worth the cost. I use a mob of 12 in a trukk and they generally do well; 20 in a wagon would do even better.

The shields should look cool. Could also add spikes and blades to them to make them look like a CCW too, or do the SM trick of pistol w/shield on outside of pistol arm.

Look forward to seeing them!