May Round Up

Another month has come and gone. After a very slow blogging month in April I picked up and started posting again although I didn't post as many articles as I would have liked. I only managed to post 10 articles but I must say that I think there were some great articles. Unfortunatley none of my articles got picked up by the bigger blogs out there so no new followers and hits that way.
The articles I really liked and think would be usefull to every wargamer out there this month were:

Painting a Cracking Crackled Paintjob.I found a new product in a scrapbook shop that creates a stunning cracked paint effect so I wrote this article about it.

Undercoat tutorial, not just for beginners. In this article I show some of my undercoatd techniques. Even if you've been a wargamers for years you might still get some usefull tips from this article.

'Ard Boy conversion and 'Ard Boy paintscheme. these are two articles that I had a lot of fun with. The first one is an article on turning a normal Ork Boy into a proppa 'Ard Boy and the second article is me painting up the 'Ard Boy from the first article.

So with these articles and the help of google I managed to get 2.106 pages views and 9 new followers. Last month I said I'd like to get to 70 followers and I nearly made it with the 69 followers i have now. So I'd like to thank all new followers for signing up and hopefully june will bring me a few more followers,...let's aim for 75 followers.

For next month I have some good content lined up. A lot of it will be Ork stuff since that's the new army I'm working on now. Last month I assembled and undercoated over 100 infantry models and they need to get painted. I will also resurect Fantasy Friday and put together 1 or 2 tutorials so stay tuned.


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