First Killa Kan

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No Waaagh is complete without some Killa Kanz so I have some to and I just got the first one done. I really love these models and they are Orky to the max I think. Full of little detail and a lot of different parts to mix and match.

I want my vehicles and armour bits to look like rusted old metal that used to be bright yellow. A bit like the background image of my blog. To create that look I painted it golden yellow and added rush and weathering layers with dark flesh. I used the sponge technique the most because I like the result the best but I couldn't reach everywhere with tha sponge so I had to do a lot by brush as well.

All and all this model took me three weeks to complete but that said I didn't have a lot of painting time in the past few weeks.

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Here's a shot of the complete model. As you can see it has a close combat weapon and Grotzooka. I really like the detail on the grotzooka and the idea behind it. hurling pieces of scrap towards the enemy can have quite devasting results. (so I have heard) . I haven't had time to play this model so I have no idea if it's any good.

Here's a shot of the close combat weapon. I like how it turned out but I think I should have added more scratches. looks scary anyway..

And on the left you can see the Grotzooka side a bit better. If you want to see all the little details and the effect the special crackle paint had that I used on this model then have a look at my earlier article on A Cracking Crackled Paintjob.
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