June Round Up

OMG OMG !!! I really can't believe how fast May has come and gone. It almost seems as if i was hibernating and the whole month went by me.

So what have I been up to last month?
- Well I painted up a small number of Orks for my Tale of 4 gamers challenge. I painted a bit of a mixed bag, 1 Killa can, 4 Boyz and 4 Grotz. I have to admit that because I had spent almost 3 weeks on painting the killa kan I had to opt for the easy way out and quickly painted some smaller models so I could achieve my target for May.

This might need some explaining. 3 other gamers and me set up a "tale of four gamers" challenge in which we have to paint 10 points every month. We broke down the models into different brackets because for example 1 guy is painting Grey knights and I'm doing Orks. If we would use the points for units I would have to paint about 40 boyz whilst the Grey Knight player only has to paint 10. We broke down the models like this:

- 25mm bases: 1 point per model
- 40mm bases: 2 points per model
- 60mm bases/bike bases/small flying bases: 3 points per model
- vehicle / large oval/large flyingbase: 10 points per model

This way every player has to invest about the same amount of time every month to reach their targets.

My greenskins for May

 I have also fielded my greenskins in a couple of 200pnt Kill Team games. I came out on top vs the Grey knights but the dark Eldar were too fast for me and almost tabled me. I also had a game vs Nids and lost that to.

As part of our "To4G"challenge I also had to write a battle report on my game vs the grey knights.I will be using that batrep as a prologue for my Fluff and I'm thinking of posting it hare too but writing in English isn't my strong point.

Anything else happened in June?
Yes, I bought my first finecast model, Another lovely greenskin. I'm not telling which model yet because I'm saving it up for next month when I'm doing a "special" on him and his unit.More later...

So what's in store for this month?
Well, I have to paint up more Boyz but I've started well. I'm painting them in an assembly line fashion now and things are going faster. I have good hope I'll finish my 10 Boyz + nob well before the end of this month so I can start on some ork Kommandos as a treat for myself.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking greenskins, and i really like those bases too