Ork Bommer Project WIP 4

For those of you that haven't been following my blog and just started following since I started on the Ork Flyer the following pictures might come as a bit of a shock. For those of you that have seen my other Ork stuff like my battlewagon it might not be so surprising that I have managed to turn the bright yellow plane in an old rusty piece of scrap.

I like my Orks to look like the never really do any upkeep or maintenance on their vehicles. So why should a plane be any different then? I did loads of sponging and weathering with washes and the top of the plane is now nearly finished. I still need to do some details and paint on some oil leaks and stuff but The only thing that really needs to be done is the underside and tail. When those are done I will do the bombs and I have to think of what to do with the base. Any ideas are welcome...

See you next update...

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