Ork Bommer Project WIP 3

I made some progress again. I finished the grot gunner but I still have to do it's guns. He's a characterful little fella. This is why I love Orks!

I painted in a lot of details as well and added some decals. Normally I'm not a big fan of decals but these are too nice to ignore. I couldn't get that checkered pattern on the wings myself. With the help of some Micro sol the decals go on smooth as silk.

The bad moon flames are harder to paint then it looks. I'm quite happy with them now but need some touch ups. I'm not sure if the flames should run along the whole length of the wing or if I should leave them like this. The wing mounted Supa Shoota's are a bit in the way.

I Also painted the nose art freehand. and I'm pleased how it turned out. It now looks like a proppa winged beast.

Last thing I did was to magnetise the rear window of the pilot. It's canopy is made from a front shield and a back bit. I magnetised the back bit so he can open it up when flying hot missions... no, seriously I want to be able to open it so you can have a better look in the cockpit if you want. It works well and was little effort.You can see the little hole behind the pilot.

So hopefully tomorrow I can do the last details and some minor freehand stuff and then it's up to the fun part of this project where I will take this bright shiny and new plane through the washes, pigments and other weathering techniques to make it look old and used.


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elfordminis said...

Starting to shape up! I've done a few of the new Orc jets. Check them out here, you might like them :) http://elfordminis.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/bad-moons-dakka-jet.html